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Saturn in Various Houses – Effects

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Planets in addition to their ownership Effects, produce certain Effects pertaining to the houses they occupy at the time of birth.

1st house -  Impediments in affairs, loss of wealth, wandering nature, stroke by poverty, sorrow and misery, loss of wife and children or ill health to them, separation from family, etc.

Saturn in Lagna -  venereal complaints, chnges of place, foreign residence and destruction of mother and maternal relations.

2nd house -  Loss of wealth, poverty, evil and criminal tendencies, wanderings and misery.

Saturn in the 2nd -  loss of money, disease in the anus and eyes, anger or displeasure of government officials, and misunderstanding, disgust of food and mental distraction.

3rd house -  Ill health or death of brothrs, gain of wealth and increased income, success over enemies, fame and charitable acts, etc.

Saturn in 3rd -  gains from cows i.e. milking animals, money and enjoyment, courage and bouts of mental elevation/excitement or depression and putting down the brothers and kin’s and great happiness.

4th house -  Ill health or danger to mother, loss of ancestral property, journey to distant places, association with wicked friends and mean people, scandals, failure in educational pursuits, etc.

Saturn in the 4th -  headache, anger of kings, burning of house, travelling and loss of power and troubles from authority, fires and thieves.

5th house -  Ill health of children or their death, abortions, wicked acts, criminal tendencies, wandering habits, unhappiness, depressed and miserable life, loss of wealth, etc.

Saturn in the 5th -  loss of children, mental worry, anger of superiors, loss of servants, hatred of relations, wife and sinner.

6th house -  Success over enemies; gain of wealth, increased power and happiness and popularity.

Saturn in the 6th -  trouble from enemies, diseases and thieves, poison and destruction to lands, and houses.

7th house -  Ill health or death of wife, loss of wealth, immorality, povertry, misery and unhappiness.

Saturn in the 7th -  great suffering, several diseases, great hatred, and death through female anger.

8th house -  Loss of wealth, crimional tendencies, ill health, cruelty, quarrels and disputes, prosecutions, etc.

Saturn in the 8th -  constant destruction to money, children, power, lands, servants, cows, and buffaloes and wife.

9th house -  Misfortune, loss of wealth, scandals, death of father, domestic unhappiness, ill health of brothers.

Saturn in the 9th -  loss of father and Jupiter, foreign travel and loss of many relation.

10th house -  Professional success or promotion, gains, fame, popularity, success in undertakings, position of authority, etc.

Saturn in the 10th -  loss of religious Karma, loss of power and travelling in foreign countries, imprisonment and worry from rulers.

11th house -  Gain of wealth and increased income, influence, respect, position of authority, success in undertakings, prosperous life and happiness all round.

Saturn in the 11th -  great many and unsolicited gains in money; happiness, wife, children and servants and happiness, elation of mind and money acquired by good cultivation.

12th house -  Loss of wealth, death of children or ill health to them, loss of energy, wanderings, separation from family, misery, criminal prosecutions and displeasure of elders.

Saturn in the 12th -  fear from and loss through robbers, rulers and fire, many misfortunes, change of residence, many dangers, sorrows and loss of relations.

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