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The Main Period of Rahu and its Sub-Periods

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Duration of Period- Vimshottari-18 years.

Unlike the periods of the Planets, the importance of the Zodiacal Sign in which Rahu is found at birth is overshadowed by the importance of the House in which he is placed.

The House positions of Rahu and of Ketu are far more important than the Sign positions, Let us have an outline of the events and conditions peculiar to the Rahu and Ketu periods in terms of House as well as Sign positions.

In Hindu Astrology and beginning of each House is a Mid-point of a house i.e., halfway between the cusp of the House and the cusp of the preceding House as per western method, while the end of each House is a point halfway between the cusp of the House and the cusp of the succeeding House. This is most important when determining the House positions of any planet or the House positions of any significators in the Birth chart, such as Rahu and Ketu.

Rahu in the Zodiacal Signs

The period of Rahu is not a fortunate one, unless in the native’s birth chart it is extremely well placed. The period is a painful and a troublesome one. It is usually accompanied by poverty and disease. The morals become loose and this condition may result in actions, which may have serious consequences, even to the extent that the native may commit a crime during this period, if Rahu be badly placed or aspected.

Usually the first part of the period is favourable or at least not as unfortunate as the latter part, in which many tragic events are likely to occur. The native while associating with honouorable and respected people, who like him and are very well disposed towards him, still becomes entangled in all sorts of trouble and his high hopes fall to ruin. Imprisonment, poisoning, enforced travel in foreign countries may occur during this period and it is very important to note the position of Rahu in the birth chart as to house, sign and aspect, particularly its relationship with the Sun and the Moon.

Rahu, however, is exalted in the sign Taurus and if he be found there, all the bad effects will be mitigated to a great extent.

If Rahu be in Taurus or Cancer in the life chart, then when the native is going through Rahu period, conditions will be greatly improved-there will be a gain in wealth-opportunities will present themselves through which the education will be broadened-there will be some promotion or honour in the business or profession if not married, the native will marry his servants or subordinates will be honest and loyal and the native will enjoy good health throughout this period.

If Rahu be in Pisces, Virgo or Sagittarius in the life chart, that also is good during Rahu period providing it is not placed badly as to house or badly aspected. If it is favourably placed in house  position and well aspected, its position in Pisces, Virgo or Sagittarius will give a male child and some rise in position gain through death of brother.

If, however, Rahu be in Sagittarius or Virgo, badly placed as to house or badly aspected, then conditions will be extremely bad. There will be a loss of health and family; the occupation will be a dangerous one; there will be much deceit and treachery on the part of enemies. The native may suffer injury from gangsters or be one himself; he will have to work very hard to make an honest living, at times not having enough to eat orhaving to subsist on food of very bad quality, He will of necessity be forced to do menial work; his health will be bad and he will suffer from some venereal disease, asthma, tuberculosis or disorder of the glands. His marriage partner will cause him trouble and he will have wicked children.

If Rahu is found in the Asterisms Krittika, Uttar or Uttarasadha in the birth chart, such position will intensify the bad effects of the Rahu period.

In the following table is shown the relative general effects of the Signs, where Rahu is found:-

Exalted Sign
Very Bad



Libra, Leo

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