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Rahu in Various Houses – Effects Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

If Rahu be in the First House at Birth

1. During this period the native will be in danger from poisoning, from fire and from wounds inflicted by sharp instruments, which will leave a permanent scar on the head or face. He will suffer the loss of a brother and be unsuccessful I any disputes.

2. If in Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn or Pisces, then because of his ambition, he will undertake responsibilities and work beyond his power to achieve. He will dream a lot and will behave entirely differently in his public life than in his private life and although he will be very intelligent, people will judge him either as crazy or a fool.

3. If Rahu be in Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius or Aquarius then he will always be busy snooping into the secrets and vices of other people and will himself be subject to many vices and mixed up in many scandals.

1st house -  Increase of wealth and success in undertakings, ill health of person, wife and children, quarrels and misunderstandings with relatives and friends, cruelty and wickedness.

Rahu in birth -  derangement of brain, poison, fire, weapons, destruction of relations, sorrow and trouble and defeat in the battles.

If Rahu be in the Second House at Birth

A period of loss of money and honour. Will suffer from eating bad food, will find himself in a subordinate position to people who ordinarily would be his inferiors; will be easily excited and be subject to unstable emotions.

If favourably placed he (the native) will work hard in business and will suddenly have some unexpected wealth or promotion, but in the end will not be successful. He may gain unexpectedly through the discovery of some old records and at the end of the period will inherit the wealth of some friend or close relative. In spite of this he will always be short of money.

If Rahu be unfavourably placed then the native will suffer poverty, family disgrace, disputes with relatives which may result in lawsuits, which he will not win; the partner will die or be separated from him; he will either starve or exist on very poor quality of food and will become more and more careless and slovenly in his work.

2nd house -  Loss of wealth and position, quarrels in the family, ill health, separation from family, financial strain, mental worries.

Rahu in the second -  loss of money and power, bad food dirty and unsympathetic master, mental distraction, false-hood, and anger.

If Rahu be in the Third House at Birth

This is a good position for Rahu and during this period the native will gain in wealth and position through his relatives. If he has no children he will have children; he will take up farming and gain through it; he will prosper from association with people of high standing. If Rahu be in a fixed sign then he will remain in one place, if it be in a movable sign there will be much travel by land unless the sign be a water sign, in which case there will be ocean travel to foreign countries. There will be death or separation from brothers and sisters. If the Rahu period comes in old age, there will be happiness from the children but if in middle age or youth, although there will be children some of them will die during this period.

3rd house -  Ill health or death of brothers and sisters, gain of wealth and increased income, fame, power and position, and happiness.

Rahu in the 3rd -  gain of children, money, wife, brothers, happiness, good cultivation, power, travelling and respect of kings.

If Rahu be in the Fourth House at Birth

There will be separation from the mother, either by her death or by the death of the native himself during this period; there will be loss of property and Position; much trouble through the marriage partner; danger of injury from fire; will suffer loss through theft; may be imprisoned falsely; may suffer a nervous breakdown due to mental worries; there will be sickness among the children; the native may leave his family and live in seclusion; he will lose respect for his partner and change his views of religion or discard it entirely.

4th house -  Loss of ancestral property, association with low born people and gains through them, quarrels with friends, ill health of mother, impediments in educational pursuits, tedious journeys, etc.

Rahu in the 4th -  death of mother or his own death, loss of lands and wealth, anger of kings, falls from conveyances and many other sorrows.

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