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Effects during Major period of Rahu and Ketu Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

In the middle position of the Period, the native receives comforts and also wealth (profits) from the foreign countries.

In the last portion of the Period, distress, change of place and mental stresses and strains will be felt.
The under mentioned are the effects of major periods of Rahu wit reference to the various combinations or occupation of signs by Rahu:-

Results of Rahu Major Period.

Rahu in exalted in Taurus and Ketu in Scorpio, Rahu has Moolatrikona in Cancer, and Aries as his friendly sign.

The 7th from Rahu is the Moolatrikona and friendly house of Ketu respectively. The Major Period of Rahu in the 6th and 8th produces misery.

Rahu in exaltation -  happiness, political power and children, wealth and grains.

Rahu in Debilitation -  fear from authority, fires and money losses due to thieves, possibility of imprisonment including gallows, poisoning effect from some drug or disease or food item.

Rahu period gives troubles from fires, thieves and rulers, foreign residence, sorrow, forest residence and danger.

Rahu in Cancer, Taurus or Aries – will give money, education and pleasure and recognition from kings and pleasure from wife, servants and happiness to his soul.

Rahu in Virgo, Pisces and Sagittarius -  gives children, wife, lordship over the country, human conveyances, and in the end loss of all.

Rahu in a malefic sign -  Physically lean, destruction to relations, fear from kings, and deception by thieves, venereal complaints, asthma, consumption and urinal troubles.

Rahu aspected by a malefic -  irreligious, loss of service and sickness, troubles from thieves, rulers and fires appliances.

Rahu aspected by a benefic -  wealth gain from authority, death to relations.

Rahu with an exalted planet -  gain of kingdom, wife, children and wealth, clothes, ornaments, sweet scents.

Rahu with debilitated planets -  livelihood by despicable means, and bad food, ill-mannered wife and worthless children.

Note: Rahu in the commencement gives sorrow, in the middle, reputation and happiness and change of place in the end and loss of Guru, parents, etc.

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