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The Main Period of the Moon and its Sub-Periods Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

If the Moon be in Scorpio at Birth

A particularly unfortunate period, during which the cards seem, stacked against the person with Moon in Scorpio at birth. He will be far from happy during this period. He will be discontented, continually worried over finances, and may become very bitter and disgruntled with the world and the people in it. He will become estranged from his relatives and may be separated entirely from his family. He may experience poverty at certain times during this period. Unless he is particularly careful of his diet for some years prior to the beginning of this period, a functional disorder of the stomach may assert itself at this time, and it may become so aggravated that an operation will be found necessary.

If the Moon be in Sagittarius at Birth

During this period the individual must not expect to benefit from the voluntary deeds of others. His friends will not help him financially, not because they do not wish to, but rather because they are unable to do so. Expected legacies or bequests from family or relatives will not materialize, in fact may be lost entirely. Moreover, this is a period of vitality and through his determined efforts the individual can and usually will attract for self the good things of life. If he makes a concerted effort, his finances will be considerably improved.

If the Moon be in Capricorn at Birth

A period of growth and productivity, with an overall improvement in all walks of life. If up to this time the individual has no children, he will have an addition to the family of one or more children, either of his own or through adoption. He will add to his wealth. He will purchase real estate and generally accumulate possessions, become a man of substance in relation to his community and environment.

If the Moon be in Aquarius at Birth

This is a period of reckless expenditure. The individual is prone to spend much more than he earns and will have great difficulty in paying his debts. A close curb should be kept on these tendencies and a person entering this period should carefully budget his expenses and live within his income. The urge towards hard reckless living and towards dissipation of his resources, not only his money but his health as well, is strong and can only be held in check by an application of will power.

If the Moon be in Pisces at Birth

From a health standpoint, this period may be almost tragic. The individual will be a source of worry and anxiety to his family at that time. Many individuals with Moon in Pisces at birth, during the Moon period, contract spinal meningitis or infantile paralysis, and unless great care is taken, there is difficulty in recovering. The chances of contracting this disease and of recovery from it, will depend in large measure, on the aspects which other planets make to the Moon. They may either aggravate or modify what seems to be inherent in the conditions which confront the individual during this period.

Note: The conditions given for each of the planetary main periods are general conditions, prevalent throughout the duration of the period, but that since each period is divided into sub-periods or Sub-period dasa, there will be an ebb and flow to these conditions or a direct contradiction with them for certain shorter intervals during the main period.

These modifications or contradictions will depend for their quality and intensity upon the relationship which exists in the birth chart, between the Planet whose main period is under consideration and the Planet which affects the sub-period.

These modifications or contradictions will depend for their quality and intensity upon the relationship which exists in the birth chart, between the Planet whose main period is under consideration and the Planet which affects the sub-period.

E.g. for instance, Moon and Mars were in bad aspect (say 6th or 8th aspect) at birth, the Moon being afflicted by Mars, then even though on the whole the Main Period of the Moon was a fortunate one, yet for the duration of the Mars sub-period (which is seven months out of the 10 years of the Moon period in the Vimsottari divisions, there would be present some very adverse conditions, which might seem to contradict or at least seriously modify the fortunate influences of the Main Period. The reverse would of course, be true if the sub-period under consideration were that of a Planet in good aspect to the Planet of the Main Period.

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