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Effects during the Major Period of Mars Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

During the Mahadasa of Mars there will be attempts of money making through lands, litigation and the royal favour, acquisition of more cattle and lands; quarrel, and disputes with brothers and sons; life with wicked women and suffer from diseases caused by disturbances of bile, blood and through fire. He will also suffer loss of wealth.

Mars period- with reference to their natural governance over certain affairs.

1. If Mars be strong, benefic and well placed during his periods there will be success in litigation, defeat of enemies, birth of brothers or prosperity to them, gains from landed estates, minerals, etc. Fame will increase and he native will be raised to a position of command and power.

2. If the planet Mars is weak, malefic and badly placed, there will be failure in litigations, quarrels in the family, ill health to brothers or their death, loss of property, danger from weapon wounds and poison, displeasure from high officials, entanglement in criminal conspiracy and wicked acts, quarrels with wife and children, loss by fire or breakage, etc. He will cause diseases like bilious complaints, impurity of blood, fever, excessive thirst, eye disease, appendicitis, epilepsy, injury to marrow or fracture of bones, psoriasis, tonsils, polypus and diseases of the throat, etc.

3. Now let us list out the auspicious and inauspicious Effects of the Period of Mars consequential to its placement in exaltation or own signs or in debilitated or inimical sign.

a. If Mars is in deep exaltation, exalted sign, Mooltrikona sign, own sign, Angle or Trine houses, the 11th or the 2nd house and also with full strength, in conjunction with and aspected by the benefic planets and posited in benefic Navamsa.

The Period will result in gain in wealth and agriculture produce, benefit from the Sovereign (Government, employer etc.) Felicitations from the Sovereign, acquisition conveyance, apparels, jewellery etc., dwelling in the foreign land, warmth and benefits from brothers (co-born) are also attained by native.

b. Strong Mars placed in the 3rd or Angle houses, gives wealth earned through sustained struggle, victory over enemies etc.

Note: In the beginning of the Period comforts from wife, son, status and Royal felicitation is felt.
However, some difficult time towards the end of the Period may also be expected.

c. Mars when in the sign of debilitation, located inn the inauspicious houses, powerless, conjunct or aspected by the malefic planets- the Period of Mars will give bad and unfavourable Effects.

Kalyan Verma says- when the Period of the afflicted Mars is in progress, the native suffers from epilepsy, cuts and wounds and may tends to become arrogant, unethical and irreligious.

The under mentioned are the effects of major periods of Mars with reference to the various combinations or occupation of signs by Mars:-

Mars in deep exaltation -  gains, success in battles or fights, gets respect and favour of authority, pleasure from brothers, female, children and sweet conversations.

Mars in deep exaltation -  lands, friendship with rulers, enjoyment of lands, riches, wife, children, friends and relations, horses and conveyances, and worthy residence in foreign countries.

Mars in Ascent -  happiness, respect of rulers, minister, courage, pleasure, wealth in after life and happiness from cows, horses and elephants.

Mars in Descent -  loss of place and wealth, sin, anger and terror, and worry through them, residency in a foreign place, hatred of relations, fear and misery through fires, rulers.

Mars in debilitation -  protecting relations by mean profession, dirty and unwholesome food, destruction to cows, horses and elephants, own people and troubles and fear from rulers, thieves and fires.

Mars in Moolatrikona -  good milk, food, drink clothes and ornaments, reading and hearing of Puranas and stories of righteousness, elevation and purity of mind, prosperity to brothers and good cultivation.

Mars in his own house -  wealth, lands, power, happiness and conveyances, two names and prosperity to brothers.

Mars in a bitter enemy’s house -  quarrels, and sorrows, misunderstandings with rulers and members of royal family, sickness and loss to wife, children, friends, money, lands, and relations.

Mars in an unfriendly house -  quarrels, troubles from enemies, sorrow, from thieves, fire, kings and poisons, disease in the anus genital organs, urinal discharges and eyes and other difficulties.

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