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The Main Period of Mercury and its Sub-Periods Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

If Mercury be in Virgo at Birth

The period will be one of aesthetic and cultural development. The individual will have a wide circle of artistic acquaintances, and will himself probably earn his living by artistic pursuits or writing. His cultural attainments will increase at this time to such an extent that, within the limitations of his chart and in proportion to the testimonies of other planets, he ideally becomes known as an author or poet. It is a good period and even his enemies will grudgingly grant him his due.

If Mercury be in Libra at Birth

This will not be a good period on the whole. The health will be poor and there will be a tendency to lose weight. The individual may embark on some sort of designing carrer either in textiles, decorting or architecture, being drawn to these, however, because of lack of definite purpose or vision of his life’s work rather than from any marked aptitude, and as a result he will be unsuccessful.

If Mercury be in Scorpio at Birth

A marked natural tendency towards extravagance becomes apparently uncontrollable during the Mercury period. Reckless, foolish and selfish expenditures succeed eventually in estranging the individual from his family and relatives.

If Mercury be in Sagittarius at Birth

A period of extravagance and loss of money. The individual seems to find it impossible to accumulate. He spends as fast as he earns. Investments turn out poorly. Speculations are disastrous. He will live alone, away from his family and relatives. Not a good period.

If Mercury be in Capricorn at Birth

Continuous travel and many short journeys mark this period. One trip after another is taken, chiefly by land. During this period the native comes in contact with people who are his inferiors. He cultivates the society of those with whom he is aware of his own superiority. He succumbs to flattery. In company with these associates, he schemes against his employers and those who are in authority over him. He spends money foolishly in an endeavour to show off to those who flatter him.

If Mercury be in Aquarius at Birth

Loss of money-loss of position-loss of belongings-changes of residence in all a period of retrogression, a period of decadence. He will seek help from his friends who will deceive and mislead him. He will suffer from the treachery of those who seem to be closest to him. An overall unhappy period.

If Mercury be in Pisces at Birth

A period of losses, through illness. The health will be impaired; some ailment will become chronic. The individual will take to his bed and his illness will be costly. Doctors and hospital bills will take his earnings and his capital. He may have a remain in an institution for a long period even extending into the next period, or permanently, depending on other testimony.

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