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The Main Period of Mercury and its Sub-Periods Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

Duration of Period – Vimsottari – 17 years

The conditions surrounding the individual during the Mercury Period of his life will vary according to the Sign in which Mercury is placed in his birth chart as follows:-

If Merury be in Aries at Birth

A unsettled and irresponsible period. There will be many changes of residence and of work. The individual, if an employee, will change his position often; if he has his own business, he will change from one type of business to another. It is a period of speculation and gambling. Everythign is a gamble at this. His losses, however, will more than offset his gains. At times he will need money so badly that he will be tempted to steal it. He is obliged to resort to lying and deceit in order to live.

If Mercury be in Taurus at Birth

The period will be of unrestrained behaviour and extravagance. The individual, on account of his utter lack of ideas regarding the value of money, will become a source of worry and anxiety to his family and friends. His parents will help him financially from time to time, but he will waste the money they give him on all sorts of foolish enterprises. His wife and children will suffer privation because of his recklessness.

If Mercury be in Gemini at Birth

The Mercury period will be on the whole a very happy one. The only incident of any importance during this period will be caused by a misunderstanding between the individual and his mother. This misunderstanding may develop into a dispute over money matters. If married, his domestic life will be pleasant and happy during this period. He will read a lot and take many short trips.

If Mercury be in Cancer at Birth

The chief feature of this period will be a change of residence to foreign countries. The entire period will be spent away from the land of birth. Not just a question of travel, but rather of domicile. The native is quite likely to ear his living during this period by writing, more particularly the writing of poetry or of poetical or fanciful prose. His viewpoint on world affairs will be broadened and his attitude towards his fellow men will be humanitarian and universal.

If Mercury be in leo at Birth

Naturally the native with this position of Mercury will be courageous and will possess outstanding ability. This ability and courage will be called into play during this period and he will surmount great obstacles and rise to a position of power and influence. He will become widely known and respected in public life. However, his domestic life will be anything but happy and will not afford him a particularly pleasant background for his public activities.

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