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Relationships -is being done for excitement & initially a false sense of happiness exists - then excitement pleasure and happiness disappears - emptiness sets in - the person ( male/female) moves to an another relationship thinking that at least there will be some excitement again than the boredom - this continues - ultimately at some point/situation it leads to depression / hollow / other issues - some go to GURUS & some to other things - so common now - the journey is also seen with using better language , better show , more spending and more trash talks - yes - applicable to a few who do it because of resource availability but it is in the mind/thought of most today . Sex and relationships are not to be condemned - must not be & required - the whole process where one does not surrender at one point in relationship is negative & root of all problems + the pressures of consumerism. Surrendering by partners in love for a lifetime today is absolutely difficult - exceptions to be left . Surrender and love is hypocrites talk . FRIENDS - your take & ---- .

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