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Mercury in Various Houses – Effects

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Planets in addition to their ownership Effects, produce certain Effects pertaining to the houses they occupy at the time of birth.

1st house – Good speech, sharp wit, acquisition of new knowledge, increased wealth, virtuous acts, popularity, etc.

Mercury in birth Lagna – lordship over people, protection of cows, cultivation, renown paraphernalia of royalty lke drums, music etc., luxurious conveyances, baths in sacred ponds and rivers, world wide reputation.

2nd house -  Accumulation of wealth, fame, and happiness.

Mercury in the 2nd -  good education, respect and reputation, royalty or statesmanship.

3rd house -  Birth of brothers or their well being, bodily weakness and fatigue, journey, unhappiness, deception, etc.

Mercury in the 3rd -  laziness, dyspepsia, enlargement of spleen or liver, vomiting, loss of brothers, respect of rulers.

4th house -  Success in educational pursuits, good health and happiness to mother, gain of new friends, increased wealth, gains from landed property, promotion in profession or gains in business, prosperity and happiness in domestic life.

Mercury in the 4th -  destruction of houses and grains, unhappiness, death of maternal relations, loss of service, and change of place.

5th house -  Increased wisdom, position of adviser or Minister, respect and fame, virtuous acts, birth of good children, happiness and prosperity, success in undertakings.

Mercury in the 5th  - cruel mind, great misery, mean acts, difficulties in public service and gain of wealth with great difficulty.

6th house -  Danger to maternal uncle, idle, harsh, loss of wealth through enemies, ill health, immoral tendencies.

7th house -  Sensual pleasures, loss of virility, marriage with wealthy woman, showy tendencies, association with learned individuals.

Mercury in the 7th -  children, wife and wealth, pleasure from education, pure and rich clothes, praise for his courageous deeds and friendship of many person in Government / industry.

8th house -  Popularity, help to relatives, fame, gain of wealth and happiness.

9th house -  Virtuous acts, good wealth and fame, high position in life, respected by public, happiness and prosperity, fortunate father, etc.

Mercury in the 9th -  gain of wealth, wife, children and enjoyment, baths in holy and sacred ponds and rivers, doing meditation, sacrificial fires and charities and religious ceremonies.

10th house -  Success in profession or business, promotion, fame, respect and honours, acquisition of good house and conveyance, success in educational pursuits and search for knowledge, happiness and prosperity.

Mercury in the 10th -  good work, elevated political position, enjoyment, authorship, renown for his deeds, gain of wife, children and riches.

Worship of holy Brahmins, acquisition of kingdom or lands, lordship over men, development of poetical faculties, sacrifices, and friendliness with relations.

11th house -  Influx of wealth on a large scale, prosperous and contented life, virtuous and charitable acts, fame and respect.

Mercury in the 11th -  acquisition of Health by various means, by gifts, cultivation, patronage and merchandise.

12th house -  Danger to maternal uncle, humiliation cruel tendencies, laziness, loss of wealth and comforts, poverty and grief.

Mercury in the 12th -  loss or injury to limbs, hatred of wife and relations, fear from the anger of authority, sudden danger to life by accident, forgetfulness and disappointments.

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