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The Main Period of Mars and It’s Sub-Periods Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

If Mars be in Libra at Birth

If, up to this time, the individual has remained a bachelor, he will be almost sure to marry during this period, unless other indications in the chart are against his doing so. At any rate, he will think a lot of being married and will become engaged or may have an affair. If he is unemployed and seeking a position, now is the time to leave no stone unturned because he will have less trouble during this period. In fact, many offers may come to him at this time. He must, however, take care of his health during this period, as his resistance to disease will be much lower than usual.

If Mars be in Scorpio at Birth

The purchase of land, particularly farm land, will be the most important feature of this period. If the individual takes up farming at this time, he will be most successful, not only supporting himself from the produce, but also becoming well known by reason of the excellence of his farm products. As a business it will thrive and bring eventual independence.

If Mars be in Sagittarius at Birth

Not a good period for lawsuits, litigations or disputes of any kind, but the individual is likely to be faced with these conditions nevertheless. He will be involved particularly with family affair and his relatives will be against him. He will live in a large family and there will be very little in his life at this time which does not bring family matters to the forefront.

If Mars be in Capricorn at Birth

The Mars period will be a most fortunate one. All matters will prosper. A most opportune period in which to embark on new enterprises, change positions, apply for promotion. If there is any litigation, this is the time to press for a decision. Law suits will be successfully conducted, disputes will be amicably settled and profitably. An overall very happy and fortunate period.

If Mars be in Aquarius at Birth

A period during which the individual seems to be extravagantly reckless in everything he does. His extravagances quickly get him into debt and he seems to lose all sense of responsibility. He will borrow money, knowing, it is quite impossible for him to return it, and indeed with no intention quite often of ever repaying it. His domestic life is very unsettled and happy in consequence, and throughout this period his actions are careless and thoughtless.

If Mars be in Pisces at Birth

High living and extravagance mark this period. The individual will indulge to excess in all the good things of life. Desire for children, which seems to be paramount, will be thwarted through the disability of the marriage partner or of the individual himself. Disappointment in this regard may be the underlying cause of his indulgence. There will be much travel in foreign countries. The result of over-indulgence in things to eat and drink is chronic skin affections such as hives, acne, pimples, eczema.

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