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The Main Period of Mars and It’s Sub-Periods Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

Duration of Period – Vimshottari-7 years

The conditions surrounding the individual during the Mars Period of his life will vary according to the Sign in which Mars is found at birth as follows:

If Mars be in Aries at Birth

This period will be marked by the occurrence of a rather serious accident to the individual. An accident in which his head will be injured and on account of which he may be confined to his bed for several months, depending in which part of the Mars Period the accident occurs, In business he will be very successful. He will be aggressive and dominating and because of his efforts and industry he should rise during this period to a position of responsibility and authority.

If Mars be in Taurus at Birth

The individual seems to undergo a sort of reformation. He may not have been a bad character up to this time, but yet his religious instincts and feelings seem to undergo a stimulation during these years. His life begins to be coloured by religious thoughts and concepts and he becomes actively engaged in some religious activity. This may or may not be orthodox in the strict sense of the word but at least it will conform with the pattern of many of those around him.

If Mars be in Gemini at Birth

The Mars period will be a very active one, crowded with change and a variety of events, There will be many short trips and journeys by land. There will be on the part of the individual an avid longing to see new things, to acquire knowledge of current events. He will study and his mind will be very actively engaged on many subjects. He will develop the artistic side of his nature. He will be extravagant with money and will spend all he earns and more. During this period, there will be some disagreement with his family, particularly his father, and they may quarrel and separate for a time.

If Mars be in Cancer at Birth

If any inharmonious conditions formerly existed in the home and domestic life of the individual, they will come to a crisis during this period of his life. If none existed previously, then this period will be marked by disturbances in his home, quarrels with his wife, and family, leading eventually to separation from them. Probably as a sort of an antidote or relief from these domestic troubles, he becomes interested in flower, gardens, or orchards, and is likely to be found pruning his trees, while his wife is scolding inside.

If Mars be in Leo at Birth

Also a period of separation from the family and children not so much as a result of disputes or quarrels but rather from the fact that during this period the individual is busy with all sorts of outside interest. He may go in for politics, but at any rate will be found leading or organizing some community or civic organization which makes many demands on his time and effort. He will be more or less a public figure within his own community. He should be careful at this time of falls, as the results of a bad fall are apt to be serious. Also, he will be more than ordinarily susceptible to accident as the result of fire.

If Mars be in Virgo at Birth

A time for thought and study for the native. The individual during this period takes stock of self, subjects himself more than usual to rigid self-analysis. He checks up on his habits and behaviour and white not being sanctimonious or prudish, he is meticulous in his actions and is prone to think carefully before embarking on any course of action. He will study philosophy and comparative religion and order his life accordingly. He is apt to be a cranky on food, will enjoy cooking himself, and will develop the taste of an epicure, being at the same time extremely careful not to over-indulge. He will be interested in and may observe carefully the effect of diet on the mental states.

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