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Effects of the Major Period of Jupiter Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

Now let us narrate the Effects of the Period of, the most auspicious, divine planet Jupiter.

At the time when Jupiter Dasa is in progress, the native gets new clothes and the like, gets attendants, retinue and similar grandeur. He enjoys great respect and dignity. He is blessed with children, wealth and friends. He is adored for eloquence in his speech. The native is likely to be separated from his elders in family, and suffers from ear troubles and phlegmatic problems.

Jupiter’s period- with reference to their natural governance over certain affairs-

1. If Jupiter is strong, benefic and well placed in the horoscope, during his periods, there will be increase of wealth and fame, respect from elders and preceptors, birth of children, rising to high position, acquisition of vehicles, houses, and material comforts and success in undertakings. The native will be engaged in performing virtuous deeds, charity, etc., and be benevolent.

2. If Jupiter is weak, malefic and badly placed, there will be Bad health or death of children, loss of wealth and position, scandals and intrigues with wicked people, and failure in undertaking. He will cause diseases like intestinal disorders, appendicitis, fainting, ear troubles, giddiness, fat decomposition, dyspepsia, etc.

3. a. When Jupiter, is posited in the exaltation sign, own sign, Angles (Kendra’s), Trines, the 11th house, Mooltrikona sign, own or exalted Navamsa-

Provides benefit from the Sovereign, felicitation from king (Government, authorities etc.), aesthetical happiness, comforts of elephants, horses, worship of God and Brahmins, affection from wife and son, vehicles and clothes be attained, success in Yagna) and ventures, listening of sermons on `Vedanta’, accomplishments with king’s blessings, ushering of happiness, acquisition of `Palaki’ (vehicle), overall prosperity, pleasure of wife (marriage) and sons, gift of choice food and fruits etc, be caused during the Period.

b. Some particular effects of the Period of the benefic well placed Jupiter-

Heavy accretion of wealth, entrusted with authority, increase in fortune, fame, over all qualitative improvement, hosts of servants, magnificence etc.

4. Jupiter, when placed in the sign of debilitation, conjunct with the malefic planets, posited in the 8th or the 12th house – the result will be change of house (residence), mental tension, grief from son, lurking fears, loss of wealth and animals, pilgrimage etc.

Note: Distress and then gain of animals, in the beginning of the Period and attainment of comforts, Royal commendations, magnificence etc. are caused towards the middle and the last portions of the Period.

The additional Effects during the Period of weak and ill placed Jupiter are –

Physical distress, Loss of patience, depletion of wealth and property (land), father in despair, lurking fear of theft etc.

Native may face false blame or allegations in the Period of malefic Jupiter.

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