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Mars in Various Houses – Effects

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Planets in addition to their ownership Effects, produce certain Effects pertaining to the houses they occupy at the time of birth.

1st house -  Rash tendencies, ill health, cruel acts, wicked disposition, journey and wandering, bodily injury, etc.

2nd house -  Association with wicked men, loss of wealth, ill health of wife or her death, hot temper, immoral wife.

Mars in the 2nd -  good cultivation, growing wealthy among his own relations, paying penalties to rulers, and disease in the face and eyes.

3rd house -  Much courage, danger or Bad health of brothers, increased wealth, Success over enemies gains in all attempts.

Mars in the 3rd -  gives happiness, power, influence, respect among rulers, courage, wealth, wife, brothers.

4th house -  Loss of relatives and friends, loss of property, Bad health of mother, heart diseases and chest pain, danger or accidents on journey.

Mars in the 4th -  removal from own country, hatred of relations, trouble from fires and thieves, respected by authority, travelling in deep and impenetrable jungles.

5th house -  Bad health or loss of children, un-happiness, setbacks in undertakings, evil tendencies, criminal acts, scandals and imputations.

Mars in the 5th -  death of children, derangement of mind, sickness, and if the 5th is an unfriendly sign sorrow from brothers and great sickness.

Mars in the 5th -  gives great intelligence, reputation, tact and skill and disease in the eyes.
6th house -  Increased wealth and fame, success over enemies, Bad health of maternal uncles, gain of property, etc.

7th house -  Quarrels with women, disputes, loss of money, evil associations, Bad health or death of wife, journey to distant places, etc.

Mars in the 7th -  death to wife, disease in the anus and sexual organs. These will happen when Mars is not in exaltation or combined with exalted planets.

8th house -  Bad health, loss of money, death of wife, misery and unhappiness.

Mars in the 8th -  great sorrow and fear, small pox, enmity from food, and change of place.

9th house -  High power and authority, cruelty, danger to father, hatred by the public.

Mars in the 9th -  change of place, death of father and mother, trouble, disturbance to prayers, and great fear.

10th house -  Increased earnings and fame, gain in business or profession, popularity, courage and prowess.

Mars in the 10th -  doing irreligious and impious deeds, sorrow, disturbance to power and influence, disgrace and disturbed education, and loss to wife and children.

11th house -  Increased wealth, gain through agricultural operations and business, prosperity and happiness.

Mars in the 11th -  success, power and Kingdom, wealth and happiness, determination, royal patronage, supporting others by recommendations, and personal attraction.

12th house -  Eye disease, cruel acts, loss of wife, mean tendencies and criminal acts, loss of wealth, grief obstruction in undertakings.

Mars in the 12th -  fines and penalties, fear from rulers, destruction to place, children, wife and foreign residence to brothers.

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