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The Main Period of Ketu and its Sub-Periods Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

If Ketu be in the Seventh House at Birth

The partner will die during this period or be separated from the native. He will suffer from urinary complaints and some disease of the generative organs; he will encounter many obstacles to is career and will lose money because of the rivalry and competition of enemies.

7th house. Ill health to wife or her death, wanderings, and tedious journeys, loss of wealth, evil associations with widows and low women, loss of vitality, diseases of the bowels, disgrace, etc.

Ketu in 7 -  danger, losses of wife, children, mental worry and urinal diseases.

If Ketu be in the Eighth House at Birth

The father’s death is indicated during this period; the native, himself, will suffer from coughs, and may contract tuberculosis; he will be the cause of trouble and anxiety to the partner and may be associated with or work for men of unscrupulous character.

8th house. Ill health or death of person, sickness of wife or her death, loss of money, venereal diseases, poverty, misery and unhappiness.

Ketu in 8 -  great danger, change of place, loss of father, hard breathing, asthma and consumption.

If Ketu be in the Ninth House at Birth

This period will be marked by many troubles and difficulties on account of the father; leading to business failure. He will do work for the state or for the community in a semi-political field; he will be most persistent and will carry his plans through to the end; he will be charitable and generous but will suffer from some anxiety about the children and wife.

9th house. Danger to father, cruelty, and mean acts and criminal tendencies.

Ketu in 9th -  dangers, death of Guru, bad Karma.

If Ketu be in the Tenth House at Birth

During this period he will be found in the company of disreputable characters; will himself be a labourer or work with his hands on some menial occupation; he will have disputes with the father and with his employer, but towards the end of the period is likely, after a great struggle, to become a popular leader; will suffer from gastric complaints.

10th house. Wide renown, power, wickedness, increased wealth and happiness.

Ketu in 10th -  sorrow, mental disease, loss of credit, evil reputation and mental worry.

If Ketu be in the Eleventh House at Birth

An enjoyable and luxurious existence will be experienced. He must however, be on guard at this time against infection; during this period the native will be happy and have poetic aspirations.

11th house. Gains in all attempts, fame, increased earnings, success over enemies, influence and popularity.

Ketu in 11th -  happiness, prosperity to brothers, sacrifices and charities.

If Ketu be in the Twelfth House at Birth

During this period there will be much travelling; many changes of residence; no steady position or profession; constant change; the native will be very extravagant; he may become famous and be featured in the newspapers; he will make money and be very fortunate without doing much work; he will dress well and with rich materials.

12th house. Loss of wealth, journey to distant places, ill health, misfortunes, criminal acts and prosecutions, misery and sorrows.

Ketu in 12th -  misery, change of place, foreign residence, loss of sight and troubles from rulers.

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