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Effects of the Major Period of Venus Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

Venus, is the significator of passion and strong emotions and the preceptor of the devils, Brahmin by caste. Let have the effects of the Period of benefic Venus every one look for.

1. During the Dasa of Venus there is acquisition of wife, jewels, clothes, lustrous gems, wealth, ornaments, horses, comforts of the bed and sofas. There is profusion of wealth by trade, agriculture and voyages; anxiety, mental agony, separation or death of elders and misery to relatives.

Venus period – with reference to their natural governance over certain affairs-

1. If Venus be strong, benefic and well placed, there will be marriage, marital happiness, birth of beautiful daughters, acquisition of articles of luxury and comfort, vehicles and houses, etc., respect and honours from people in high position and authority, promotion or success in undertakings and good health.

2. If Venus be weak, malefic and badly placed, she will cause ill health or death of wife, intrigues with low woman and loss of wealth thereby, loss of splendor, low vitality, etc. such Venus will cause diseases like venereal complaints, anaemia, kidney and urinary diseases, strangury, eye diseases, rickets, etc.

3. Iv Venus is in deep exaltation, own sign or in Angles (Kendra’s)-

The native will attain authoritative powers; gains of vehicles, clothes, ornaments, elephants, horses (conveyance) and other animals; eats food with sweets everyday, gets recognition from sovereign, sounding of drum loudly and gets wealth and prosperous house (with the grace of goddess Laxmi).

4. Venus when occupies the Trines (Trikona)-

Bestowal of kingdom (synonymy with the high government position etc.), wealth, house, festivity at home, welfare of children, commandership of the army and welcome visits of the dear relatives, accumulation of cattle may also predicted.

5. If Venus, is posited in the 6th, the 8th or the 12th house, in the sign of debilitation or in the sign of the 12th lord-

The Period of Venus will produce enmity with the relatives, distress from the women folks, and loss in business, cattle etc., agony to wife and children, annoyance of relatives etc.

6. Venus as the lord of the 9th or the 10th house and posited in the Ascendant or the 4th house- the Period of Venus will provide tremendous happiness and the native becomes administrator of state or village (town), his religious instinct will get stirred up and thus he will construct temples, water tanks and will take pleasure in giving donation of food etc., eta sumptuous food with sweets, get enthusiastic towards his work and will have the comfort of status, wealth, assets, wife, children etc.

7. Should Venus be the lord of the 2nd or the 7th house- there will be physical danger.

8. To mitigate such effect, obeisance of Lord Shiva through Vedic Mantras or recitation of Mahamrutyanjaya Japa may be performed. Donation of cow or buffalo also brings a sound health.

Notes: Incidentally similar Effects as stated for the Period of Venus, may also be expected in the Venus’s Sub-period during the Major period of other planets.

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