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The Main Period of Ketu and its Sub-Periods Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

Duration of Period – Vimsottari – 7 years

In the Planetary Periods Rahu is more powerful than Ketu. Ketu positions in the Signs are unimportant, but his position in the houses will indicate the following events during his period:-

If Ketu be in the First House at Birth

An undesirable placement. During this period, the native will suffer from fears and anxieties. There will be some feverish illness as the result of an epidemic; an accident through machinery or some vehicle, such as an automobile, train or airplane; worry in connection with the opposite sex may be experienced.

1st house. Ill health, unhappiness, fall from position and loss of wealth.

Ketu in Lagna -  great fear, fever, dysentery, gonorrhea, small-pox and plague.

If Ketu be in the Second House at Birth

At this time he will become a cynic, harsh in speech and rather hardhearted because of loss of money, sorrow and friction in the family; bankruptcy and loss of credit in business will be his lot; will suffer from some face disease.

2nd house. Poverty, loss of wealth, quarrels and misfortunes.

Ketu in 2ndloss of riches, rough speech, mental sorrow worthless food, headache.

If Ketu be in the Third House at Birth

On the whole during this period the native will be happy; however, there will be disputes and quarrels with the brothers and unhappiness over the death of or separation from the mother; because of these troubles he will rely much on occult sciences, philosophy, etc., and have many dreams which will help him.

3rd house. Success in undertakings, defeat of enemies, increased income, gains in business, ill health or death of brothers and sisters, fame, power, position and authority.

Ketu in 3rd -  great happiness, hatred in mind, and with brothers.

If Ketu be in the Fourth House at Birth

Many calamities and little happiness will mark this period; separation from the partner and children; trouble and sorrow from the father and from friends; many disappointments and failures, often accompanied by disgrace; the house or home will be lost or burnt down.

4th house. Ill health or death of mother, failure in educational career, journey to distant places, domestic quarrels, loss of ancestral property, deception by friends, misery and unhappiness.

Ketu in 4thunhappiness, danger to wife and children and gain of houses, grains and lands.

If Ketu be in the Fifth House at Birth

He will encounter loss of children through death or separation; loss of position; constant worries; financial losses; will have to work hard, probably as a labourer; he may have a mistress during this period and have children by her; he will be subordinate to other people and will be always in trouble because of this; may have some stomach trouble resulting in an operation.

5th house. Ill health, death of children or abortion, diseases of the stomach, and unhappiness.,

Ketu in 5 – loss of children, derangement, loss of money through officials displeasure.

If Ketu be in the Sixth House at Birth

During this period, the native will undergo the most serious illness of his life, but except for this he will be healthy. He will be respected by his friends and associates and will have many friends among religious people; he may become wealthy, but will not get along with his maternal relatives.

6th house. Gain of money, increased income, success in undertakings, fame, popularity, death or ill health of maternal uncles, high power and authority and happiness, etc.

Ketu in 6 -  great dangers, fear from thieves, fires poison and running into debts.

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