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The Main Period of Jupiter and its Sub-Periods Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

Duration of Period- Vimshottari-16 years

The particular Sign occupied by Jupiter at birth of an individual determines the nature of the conditions and probable events which will occur in the life of the individual, during the Jupiter period.

If Jupiter be in Aries at Birth

If the individual has not previously married. He will be almost sure to marry during this period. Further, the chances are greatly in favour of his marrying into a wealthy family. If he is already married, his wife will present him with a son. He will become prominent in business or professional affairs, within his own circle and environment. His name will appear in society columns and possibly in some social register.

If Jupiter be in Taurus at Birth

A successful, but is not a happy period. There will be a considerable amount of travel-long and short journeys in foreign countries. The individual will carve out a career for himself away from his native land. He will acquire a reputation for daring and initiative. He will make money and accumulate wealth in proportion to his capabilities. However, any romance in his life will be disappointing and he will be unhappy, either because of this, or because of estrangement from someone he loves.

If Jupiter be in Gemini at Birth

A very unhappy period, particularly in domestic life. He will become estranged from his wife, incur the enmity of relatives and lose his friends. At some time during the period, he is quite likely to take a leading part in some religious activity and in any event will attend church or mandir regularly and seek solace in religion.

If Jupiter be in Cancer at Birth

This period will be marked by general improvement in living conditions. It will be a period of prosperity, promotion, gain in wealth, gain in power, honour and respect, in proportion to the circumstances and abilities of the individual.

If Jupiter be in Leo at Birth

This is a most fortunate periods. The native will rise to a position of responsibility and authority. He will have many employees who will look up to him and respect him. Respect will be mixed with a certain amount of awe. He will become wealthy, but will be known and liked for his generosity to those less fortunate than himself. All the forces for good in the individual will be paramount at that time.

If Jupiter be in Virgo at Birth

The Jupiter period will be one to remember and look back to, because of the happiness, contentment and general welfare which mark this period. The domestic life will be pleasant and enjoyable. The position in the community will become more secure than at any other period in the life. The business will thrive and the affairs prosper. The family will be happy and contented. Only one unpleasant factor mark this period. The individual becomes stricter and sterner to his inferiors and subordinates and from time to time there will be open dissension among them.

If Jupiter be in Libra at Birth

The period of Jupiter will be indeed a calamitous one. It is an period of ruined hopes, of thwarted desires, of sterile effort, everything seems to go wrong. No undertaking is successful, investments fail. Jobs or positions are lost:- apparently through the stupid and careless actions of the individual. His brain seems to be sluggish and impotent, his actions without constructive purpose. He cannot provide for his wife and children and actually incurs their enmity on account of his foolish and exasperating actions. Surely a poor period.

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