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Jupiter in Various Hosues – Effects

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Planets in addition to their ownership Effects, produce certain Effects pertaining to the houses they occupy at the time of birth.

1st house -  Good health, gains,birth of children, fame and prosperity.

2nd house -  indicates accumulation of wealth, enjoyment of good food and association with good men, respect and honour, liberal and charitable acts.

Jupiter in the 2nd -  wealth, royal patronage, and learned discussions before government assemblies, helpful to others, and happy and successful.

Jupiter in the 2nd house – Wealth given by rulers, lands given by brothers or other females, scents, flowers, sandal, fine and costly clothes, ornaments, helpful to others, wisdom and courage.

3rd house -  enjoys birth of brothers or their well being, addiction to evils, sensual pleasures, fame and happiness.

Jupiter in the 3rd -  provides happiness from brothers, wealth, royal patronage, clothes and ornaments, scents and flowers.

4th house -  Fortunate mother, educational success and acquisition of new knowledge, good friends, gains from lands, fame an d prosperity.

Jupiter in the 4th -  three conveyances, new friends, if born in a Raja Yoga, kingly power, if not, only power and influence.

5th house -  gives ill health to children or grief through partial sterility or limited number of sons, virtuous acts, position of respect and command, wise counsels, increase of wealth, etc.

Jupiter in the 5th -  will get initiation in Mantras, male children, great happiness, respect of Kings, Vedanta studies, progress in such lore.

6th house -  Ill health, disrespect, success over enemies, weakness of body, association with wicked people, etc.

Jupiter in the 6th -  health, gain of wife and children.

Note: These results will happen in the beginning but in the end, fear from wife, money, and thieves and disease.

7th house -  Gives Marriage with a good female, birth of sons, happiness, charitable acts, general prosperity.

Jupiter in the 7th -  provides happiness from wife and children, travelling to foreign countries, Success in quarrels, meditating on Para-Brahma and doing virtuous deeds.

8th house -  Poverty, failure in attempts, loss of wealth, wicked acts and sorrow.

Jupiter in the 8th -  happiness, loss of his relations, changes of place and foreign travel in the commencement of period and in the end of period enjoyment from wife, children and royal patronage.

9th house -  indicates, Fortunate for the affairs of father, fame, learning, success in undertakings, association with learned men, and position as an adviser or minister, birth of good children.

10th house -  Promotion in profession or success in business, virtuous acts, increased income, fame and happiness.

Jupiter in the 10th -  gains of kingdom and wealth, if born in a Raja Yoga he will get a kingdom, if not he will get wealth, wife, children and do virtuous deeds. He will enjoy all these resources as a king and his command shall be obeyed and he will be like a lord.

11th house -  Gain fame, birth of good house, conveyance, etc., position and authority.

Jupiter in the 11th -  gain of kingdom, much trouble with rulers for the sake of wife, children, females and hatred of his own relations.

12th house -  Hatred by others, evil tendencies, loss of wealth, scandals, loss of children, poor, materialistic and wandering nature.

Jupiter in the 12h -  gain of conveyances, travels in foreign countries, many miseries from various sources.

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