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Sun in Exaltation Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

In the period of Sun in exaltation (in Aries sign) the person will have, increase in cattle and wealth, and grains, travelling, quarrels among relations and consequent travelling and residence in foreign countries, excessive adultery among dancing women, money from rulers, music and sense pleasures, enjoyment from carriages, horses, drums and other paraphernalia, and mutual enmity.

In the ascendant Sun Major Period -  gives respect, happiness, charitable, wife, children and lands, horses, cows, elephants, cultivation.

In the descending Major Period of Sun – he will have loss in houses, money cultivation, and objects of love and taste, worry from fires and thieves, quarrels, anger of the Kings, travels to foreign countries.

Note: The Sun is in deep exaltation in the 10 degree of Aries and deep debilitation is the 10th degree of Libra. From the highest exaltation he will be descending till he has the greatest fall in Libra, and he will be ascending from the 11th degree of Libra to the 10th degree of Aries. In the intervals of these falls and ascents, his results will have to be gauged by the rule of three.

When the Sun is in debilitation, he gives displeasure of Kings- authority and loss of reputation and money from such sources, loss of near relations and sorrow from wife, children, friends, disgrace and misery.

When the Sun is in greatest fall, he will give death and dangers, loss of houses, travel to foreign countries, death of parents, and loss to wife, issues, cattle, lands, and house property.

In the Major Period of Sun in Moolatrikona happiness from lands, wife, children, relations, respect and attraction from Kings, gains in cows, money, lands and conveyances and political success and 
acquisition of power.

In the Major Period of Sun in his own house -  he gives happiness from relations, cultivation, money, reputation, respect by higher education, and political respect, gains from lands, improvement in learning.

In the Major Period of Sun in a very unfriendly house – loss of children; wife and wealth, troubles from children, cows and friends, misunderstandings among members of his own community.

Sun Major Period in an unfriendly house gives sorrow, loss of children, wife, and money, dangers from rulers, fires, thieves, litigation, and quarrels with wife.

Major Period of Sun in a friendly house -  respect by own community, children, servants, friends, rulers, residence in his own house, friendly relations with his own people, and gains in carriages, lands, ornaments, and clothing.

Major Period of Sun in an intimate friend’s house -  great happiness, mental pleasure, enjoyment with wife, children and money, tanks and wells, conveyances, clothes, ornaments.

Major Period of Sun in a neutral’s house -  indifference among people, good crops, lands, gains, cows, horses, clothes, female issues and pleasure through them, and worries from debts.

Major Period of Sun in Debilitation -  doing mean and despicable work and suffering from decease in the nails, mean temper, worries and troubles from families, children, grains, cultivation merchandise; and degradation.

The Major Period of Sun in conjunction with an exalted planet -  great pleasure from gains, visits to holy and sacred shrines and rivers, worship of Vishnu, building compounds, tanks and wells, discussions with holy literat, and virtuous acquisitions.

The Major Period of Sun in conjunction with a malefic -  sorrows and miseries from performing objectionable deeds, dirty and poor meals, rags and worthless clothing, earning livelihood by mean acts and emaciation from want of good food.

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