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Dasa (Major Period) Effects of All Planets Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 3

9. Sun with Motional strength. (Chestabala).

i) Comfortable journey to holy places; honour from highly placed persons, enjoyments as house holder.

ii) Gets self acquired wealth and reputation, great happiness and respect from Kings, wife, children, cultivation conveyances, and gems.

10. Sun devoid of Motional strength (Chestabala).

i) Moderate effect of Major Period, plus agricultural gains, clothing and conveyance.

ii) When he does not possess Chestabala, he will suffer losses from the various sources.

11. Conjunctio with, a Planet possessing strength.

i) All round happiness.

12. Conjunction with a weak Planet.

i) All-round unsatisfactory state of affairs.

13. Conjunction with an exalted Planet.

i) Bath in holy rivers or pilgrimages, mental happiness and contentment; interest in Engineering studies or acquire Engineering knowledge; belief in God.

14. Conjunction with a debilitated Planet.

i) Sufferings to wife and children; loss of position or status, bodily ailments an fear from government or superiors.

15. Conjunction with a Benefic Planet.

i) Gain of property; wealth, clothing; respect in family circle; marriage; enjoying witty talk.

16. Conjunction with a Malefic Planet.

i) Mental worry almost every day; loss of discrimination power; being compelled to have inferior or ill cooked food; even the decency of native’s dress will be affected; sufferings to father and wife, fear from fire and theft.

17. Sun in Kroora (Malefic) Sastiamsa.

i) Loss of position, fear from king and superiors, fear of theft, excess of anger or hot temper, diseases of head and eyes, loss of parents.

Sun in Mridwamsa/ Sastiamsa

Sweet food and drinks; ornaments, Two names-the native may be the recipient of a additional name during this Major Period, indicating status and fame); honour from superior,s knowledge of Shastras.

Sun in Parava tamsa

Fame, wealth, travels through various lands; birth of son and a host of benefic results.

Sun in Bhujaamsa

Various troubles including imprisonment, if indication for such suffering is otherwise indicated in the native’s Birth chart, Also sufferings from poison.

Sun in Deep Exaltation

When the Sun is in deep exaltation (10 deg of Aries), he gives money wife, children, lands, courage, reputation, political power, good and agreeable company, respect from rulers, travelling and success.

Note: The Sun is in deep exaltation when he occupies the 10th degree in Aries. In other degrees there he will be in exaltation. Even here there is some difference. From the 1st degree to the 9th he will be ascending and good, from the 11th to the 30th degrees he will be descending, and will gradually lose his power for good.

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