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Sun in Exaltation Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

The Major Period of Sun in combination with a benefic -  gains from lands, money, clothing, enjoyment with friends, agreement with relations, marriages and other festivities and pleasant conversation from such sources.

The Major Period of Sun aspected by malefic -  great sorrow, danger to father and mother, troubles to children and wife, emaciation from the losses caused by fires, thieves, and fines and penalties by authority.

Major Period of Sun aspected by benefic -  reputation from great learning, pleasant conversations with children, wife and other females, comeliness, courage sexual happiness, happiness to parents, and respect and recognitions from rulers.

Major Period of Sun in a Kendra -  misery resulting from happiness going out of native country, separation from relations, disturbances, to cultivation and fickleness or derangement of mind.

Major Period of Sun in Trine -  instability or insanity of mind, disgrace from ruler, unhappiness, death of father, neglect towards good and virtuous deeds.

Major Period of Sun in an exalted Navamsa -  increase, acquisition of wealth by courageous and warlike deeds, enjoyment from various sources, sexual happiness, gains in females and clothing, and constant losses among paternal relations.

Major Period of Sun in a debilitated Navamsa -  travels resulting in losses to wife, children, money and lands, neglected by people and rejected by relations, mental troubles, and sufferings from fevers, and venereal complaints.

In the commencement of Sun, Major Period -  sorrow, sickness to father, consumption and mental worry. In the middle loss of cattle, and in the end status and respect through education.

Note: he results in planetary periods will be determined by taking into account all items that are relevant to the planets significations, their characteristics, means of livelihood ascribed to them, their combinations, aspects, lordships, and other particulars, which must be well studied.

The Major Period of Sun when powerfully aspected by planets -  unexpected and large gains, all sorts of happiness. When not powerfully aspected, these will not flourish.

The Major Period of Sun in Junction in cruel Sastiamsa -  expelled from country, fear and trouble from anger of rulers, irritable and peevish, head-ache or giddiness, danger and death to father and his side relations.

The Major Period of Sun occupying Paravat amsa etc. -  good intelligence, reputation, much wealth, royal favours, good wife, issues, friends, and relations.

Note: The results of exaltation etc. -  will come first, then comes the results of places, third the results of aspects, similarly for evil planets

In the Major Period of Sun occupying swrpa or pasha Drekkana etc. -  fear from serpents, poisons, fires, tanks, wells, and also many sources of sorrow and misery.

In the Major Period of Sun in exaltation, but occupying debilitated Navamsa -  death of wife, death and danger to his near relations, troubles to children and dangers, so say the learned in Astrology.

If Sun occupies a debilitated Rasi and an exalted Navamsa -  much happiness, and achievement of political power, in the commencement and loss of power and emaciation in the end.

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