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Rahu in Various Houses – Effects Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

If Rahu be in the Fifth House at Birth

Loss of memory; will have difficulty in getting food, if Rahu is in a favourable sign then this period may be very fortunate. In that case, the native will work for social and public welfare and will become famous, and will be speaking publicly, on welfare issues, and becomes well known through his writings on the subject of public welfare, but while he will be popular in public, he will have very little domestic happiness.

If Rahu be in an unfavourable sign, there will be no male children and therefore if one should be born, it will not survive, It will simply mean unnecessary trouble to the partner; there will be much friction between husband and wife and one will be deserted; the marriage partner is likely to be very sickly and conditions during this period will be so bad that the native is likely to lose his mind or at least become somewhat crazy and eccentric.

5th house -  Ill health of children, their death or abortion, diseases of the stomach, power and position, compassionate nature and fame.

Rahu in the 5thderangement, troubles in food, great litigation, quarrels, sorrow, anger of rulers, loss of issues.

If Rahu be in the Sixth House at Birth

Danger from theft and fire and loss of relatives; some disease to the secret parts of the body; venereal and skin diseases; tuberculosis or disease of the glands.

If it be favourably placed, then with hard work will achieve success, although it will be an uphill struggle. In order to earn sufficient money, he may find it necessary to fight in public. If in an unfavourable sign, then there will be much opposition from the brothers and relatives and a public scandal will ensue from it; there will be strange disease difficult to diagnose or cure; the mind will gradually be forced away from a materialistic life to a spiritual life.

6th house -  Success over enemies, gain of money and increase of wealth, danger to maternal uncle, happiness and prosperity, trouble due to illness and poor vitality.

Rahu in the 6th -  fear from thieves, fires and rulers, loss of friends, several diseases, enlarged spleen, biliousness, consumption, cutaneous eruptions or death.

If Rahu be in Seventh House at Birth

Loss of the marriage partner; death of the son; loss of property; danger of injury and injury and infection from the bite of an insect.

If in a favourable sign, the partner will not die but there will be much sickness, many changes of business and much travel on business, particularly in foreign countries.

If unfavourably aspected, there will be loss of health and wealth through a love affair and if the chart is that of a female there will be likelihood of an abortion; the native may become a pauper; will be greatly in debt and will be in danger of imprisonment.

7th house -  The native suffers from loss of wife or wickedness of her, association with wicked women and widows, separation from family, loss of wealth through female agency, sorrows and ill health.

Rahu in the 7th -  death of wife, foreign travel, loss of cultivation and money, fear from serpents, find loss of servants, wealth and children.

If Rahu be in the Eighth House at Birth

Death of the native or death of the son of the native, danger from robbery and fire and from injury inflicted by criminals.

If favourably aspected may suddenly have a tremendous gain in wealth.

This may happen through a bad aspect also, in which case, the wealth will come through a robbery or a hold-up, the native himself being a gangster or robber. In this case the native will strike terror into the hearts of people who will be afraid of him. He will try to become happy in domestic life but will be unsuccessful.

If Rahu is unfavourably placed, the native will suffer from an incurable disease or become an incorrigible criminal, always vicious and bad in though and deed.

8th house -  Bad health, loss of wife and children, loss of wealth, quarrels in the family, criminal prosecution, punishments, and unhappiness.

Rahu in the 8th -  death, loss of children, wife, fear from thieves, rulers, own people and fires, residence in forests and danger from wild beasts.

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