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Effects of the Major Period of Jupiter Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 3

Jupiter with a benefic -  travelling with officials, happiness from the gains of fine and delicate clothes, money from gifts or from kings and sacrificial rites.

Jupiter aspected by a malefic -  happiness, some courage, occasional reputation, occasional gains and losses from thieves.

Jupiter aspected by a benefic -  gains from kings, worship, feeding of large number of Brahmins, baths in holy waters and worship of Jupiter’s.

Jupiter in a Kendra -  lands, kingdom, and happiness from them and also from the wife, enjoyment from various articles of luxury and happiness, and leader among those who protect many people.

Jupiter in birth -  happiness, neat and fine clothing and jewels, carried by men With drums of various descriptions, elephants, horses and conveyances.

Jupiter in a trine -  the native will have women, children, riches, grains, wisdom, nice food and milk, clothes and silks, and conveyances, happiness and profits from these sources also.

Jupiter in exaltation Navamsa -  wealth and enjoyment like a king, gems, coral beads, pearls, respect and friendship of all and great happiness.

Jupiter in Debilitation Navamsa -  fear from the king, enlargement of spleen, cutaneous eruptions, change of place, hatred of relations, fear from ministers, thieves and fires, and from his own clan.

Jupiter with Sun -  troubled by fevers, lean, troubled by diseases in the upper body, cruel mind and disturbed family.

Note: Jupiter in the beginning gives great happiness and respect, in the middle wife and children, and troubles in the last portion.

Jupiter with Sthanabala -  increase in lands, wife, children, clothes, conveyances, horses, elephants, gold, clothes of varied colours. When Jupiter has Digbala he will be renowned in the world, Jupiter with Kalabala will enable a man to get wealth and respect from royal females.

Jupiter with Nisargikabala -  happiness, enjoyment, pleasure from reading, sexual happiness, baths, in sacred river.

Jupiter in retrograde -  great wealth, children, wife, conquest and Success, royal friendship, sweet scents, Chinese clothes.

Jupiter in Drigbala -  all sorts of enjoyment and wealth through the favour of Kings, travelling always in foreign countries.

Jupiter in cruel Sastiamsa -  great misery, disgrace from royal displeasure.

Jupiter in beneficial Sastiamsa -  great enjoyment, conveyances, respect from relations, sacrificial performances, marriage festivities.

Jupiter in Paravat amsa -  great happiness, fine meals, silks, gold, jewels, coral beads.

Jupiter in malefic Drekkana -  imprisonment, confinement chains, quarrels with wife.

Jupiter exalted in a debilitated Navamsa -  acquiring great wealth which suddenly melts away.

Debilitated Jupiter in an exalted Navamsa -  though wealth melts away he will acquire fresh wealth.

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