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Effects of the Major Period of Venus Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

The under mentioned are the effects of major periods of Venus with reference to the various combinations or occupation of signs by Venus:-

Venus in deep exaltation -  pleasure from women, enjoyment of wife and wealth, wearing good clothes, food, sleep, wife and children, precious stones.

Venus in exaltation -  losses from female connections, doing acts against world’s opinion, danger to parents, misery, headache, respect of sovereigns.

Venus in Ascent -  grains, clothes attraction, respect, hatred of relations for doing good, loss of mother, sexual intercourse wit other women.

Venus in descent -  adultery with vigorous dancing girls, wealth, sorrow to females, relations and children, mental destruction, heart pain, venereal sorrows.

Venus in deep debilitation -  He will be troubled by shooting pains, fear from frequent disappointments, suffering mental worry without courage, on account of the troubles of wife and children.

Venus in Moolatrikona -  great political appointment, mercantile success, wealth from female sources, renowned, learned in sciences.

Venus in his own house -  Females, children, wealthy, courage, always jolly, without hatred, doing good to others; greatness.

Venus in Bitter enemy house -  danger to wealth, wife and children, emaciated body from the occurrence of family troubles, enlargement of spleen, eye disease, glandular diseases.

Venus in an unfriendly house -  death to children and wife, loss of money, fears from superior’s anger, doing all sorts of things for several purposes.

Venus in a friendly house -  helping others, well read in sciences, constructor of wells, tanks and gardens, punisher of criminals, possessing excellent qualities worthy of imitation.

Venus in an intimate friend’s house -  royal patronage, respect, happiness, cow’s wealth, horses, elephants, conveyance and collection of servants, aristocratic paraphernalia.

Venus in a Neutral house -  venereal complaints, enlargement of spleen, disease in the anus and eye meagre happiness, fear from official’s, thieves and fires, publishing works under his name.

Venus with a debilitated planet -  great fear, calumny against his name, sinful deeds.

Venus with an exalted planet -  pain of kingdom, greatness, commander of armies, gold, jewels, flowers, clothes, soft beds, ornaments, and conveyances carried by men, paraphernalia of various drums and other royal music.

Venus with a malefic -  loss of residence, quarrels with relations, doing sinful acts against his own religion, picking quarrels.

Venus with a benefic -  desirable enjoyment, wife and children, grains, royal respect, horses and elephants, conveyance in large numbers, corals, pearls, and precious stones, and carried by men.

Venus with evil aspect -  destruction to respect and wealth, quarrels with females, sorrow, change of place, residence in foreign countries, and doing work degrading to  his religion and community.

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