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Effects of the Major Period of Jupiter Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

The under mentioned are the effects of major periods of Jupiter with reference to the various combinations or occupation of signs by Jupiter:-

Jupiter in Highest exaltation degrees -  kingdom, great mental pleasure, happiness, reputation, large numbers of horses and elephants, conveyances, coronations and leadership of own people.

Jupiter in Cancer -  wealth in the latter half, respect of kings, travels in foreign countries, great political appointment and a body emaciated by great sorrows.

Jupiter in ascent – respect, gains of land and wealth, musical enjoyments, happiness from wife, sons, and authority, great reputation by scholarship.

The period of Jupiter gives lordship or magistracy over villages and towns or countries, wealth gained from Brahmin kings or high caste rulers, high intelligence, attractive personality and philosophic and philanthropic wisdom.

Jupiter in descent -  occasional happiness and subsequent misery, reputation and immediate disgrace, personal attractiveness, and political power and their loss again.

Jupiter in deep debilitation -  destruction of houses, mutual misunderstandings, loss in cultivation and service under others.

Jupiter in Moolatrikona -  great happiness from kingdom, children, wealth, wife, lands, good conveyances, wealth, gained by self exertions, religious performances and sacrifices, and worshipped by people.

Jupiter in his own house -  gains from kingdom, lands, grains happiness, clothes, good food and milk, pleasure from cows, elephants and horses, conveyances, poetical composition, meritorious deeds, and deep knowledge in Vedas and Agamas.

Jupiter in bitter enemy’s house -  sorrow and mental distraction, land litigation, loss of wife, wealth and children, fear from thieves, rulers and fires, eye diseases.

Jupiter in an unfriendly sign -  increase in land, wealth, beds, clothes, happiness, respect of kings, there will be sorrow always from wife, children, servants, brothers.

Jupiter in best friend’s sign -  respect of sovereigns, noise of war drums, and arms, indicative of eminent rank, and acquisition of various articles from many distant quarters.

Jupiter in a friendly house -  friendship with royal personage, gains and reputations, success in literary discussions, rich food, sweet scents, soft meals, charities.

Jupiter in neutral house -  ordinary wealth given by Government sources, cultivation, coins, lands, wealth, and pleasure through these and ornaments, decorated by varied colour clothes.

Jupiter with a debilitated planet -  mental worry, mean service, false, blame, fear, disagreement between wife, children and relations.

Jupiter with an exalted plant -  great happiness, constructing tanks, wells, temples and other meritorious buildings and respect of officials.

Jupiter with a malefic -  evil thoughts and heart, outside meritorious pretensions, happiness from lands, money, wife and children.

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