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Dasa (Major Period) Effects of All Planets Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

3. Other Authors:-

“In the Sun’s Period, if the Sun be auspicious to the native, it will give children, intelligence, Wisdom, high status and power, knowledge, wealth, fame, valour, happiness and divine favour in its Period”.
Saravali records;- The effects of Sun’s Major period as-

“In the auspicious Major period of the Sun, the native will profit from new medicines, development of roads (routes), chemicals supplies, forest evil friendship, hunting, skin, fiery things, king’s atrocities and battles, etc., besides, gain of wealth and commendation from the King, patience, persistent efforts, valour, prestige, elevation of fame, brilliance and kingly comforts are achieved.

The under mentioned are the effects of major periods of Sun with reference to the various combinations or occupation of signs by Sun:-

1. Sun endowed with Sthanabala (positional strength)

i) Agricultural wealth, increase in quadrupeds, land, conveyance, Comfort, honour from highly placed persons; gain of other people’s wealth, Lustre, gain of bedroom furniture and ornaments; doing pilgrimage trips with relatives.

Another opinion:-

ii) gains from cultivation, cows (milk animals), lands, conveyances, clothes, happiness, and respect of authority, wealth from others, attractiveness of body or appearance, doing good to all persons, high reputation, ornaments, engagements with relations and friends, and meritorious work, and pilgrimages to holy places.

2. Sun devoid of Sthanabala (positional strength).

i) Changes in environments, loss of health and wealth on a moderate scale;

ii) weakness, loss of money, foreign travel, hatred of relations, sorrow and foreign residence.

3. Sun with directional strength. (Digbala)

i) Gain of wealth from many directions, comforts and Land,

Note: In own sub-peiod of such Sun’s Major Periods, there will, be agricultural gains, success in Undertakings, honour and respect from highly placed persons.

i) The native will earn money, reputation and respect from many directions and will enjoy them with happiness, power, ornaments and lands.

4. Sun devoid of directional strength (Digbala)

i) The native will Not enjoy robust health during Sun major Periods, nor any of the other benefits.

ii) If Sun has no Digbala then the results will be negative.

5. Sun with Kalabala (Temporal strength)

i) success in lands, cultivation, money power, respect among rulers.

6. Sun without Kalabala (Temporal strength)

i) When Sun has no Kalabala, the results will be nullified.

7. Sun with Natural strength (Nisargikabala).

i) Comforts of conveyance, and increase of clothing and ornaments.

ii) He will get all sorts of pleasures and enjoinments unsolicited and without any efforts, wealth, ornaments, lands, articles of comfort, and clothes.

8. Sun devoid of Natural strength (Nisargikabala).

i) Fear from highly placed persons, fire and theft.

ii) But when Sun has no Nisargikabala he will lose them (good effects).

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