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Dasa (Major Period) Effects of All Planets Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

Sun Dasa

Effects of the Major Period of Sun:

During the progress of the Dasa of the Sun, the general effects to be noted are; accumulation of wealth through wickedness, Kings and battles. Thee may be trouble from fire, beasts; eyesore, dental and abdominal troubles, serious condition of wife or children, separation from elders and preceptor, loss of servants and property.

Sun’s period-with reference to their natural governance over certain affairs-

If the Sun be strong benefic and well placed in the horoscope, during his Major period, Sub-period and Sub-sub periods, he will bring about birth of children, give power and position, fame, favours from elders, superiors and people in power and authority. There will be success in undertakings, and prosperity to father. The health of the native will improve and the surroundings will be favourably vibrating for him.

If the Sun be weak, malefic and badly placed in the horoscope, during his periods he will cause ill health, diseases like bilious excitement, burning sensation of the body, epilepsy, heart diseases, eye trouble, skin diseases, leucorrhoea, etc., loss of wealth, Bad reputation, criminal prosecution, imprisonment, danger to father and quarrels in the family. The native may take to tedious journeys (if the Sun is in a movable sign) and suffer great mental anguish.

At the time of birth of a native:-

When the Sun is posited in the Moolatrikona, own or exalted sign and occupies Angles (Kendra’s), Trines (Trikona) or 11th house and conjunct with the lords of 9th or 10th house and also powerful and in his own Vargas (Divisions).

In the Period of the Sun, the native acquires lots of comforts and happiness. This Period is also favourable for the gain of wealth and profit earning activities.  This is the time during which high status (position) is conferred by the King (Government/authorities/employer), and acquisition of conveyance etc.

i) If the Sun is conjunct –

with the lord of the 5th house-birth of son;

with 11th lord-comforts of elephant (costly vehicles);

with 4th lord-gain of the vehicles, wealth, minister-ship with the blessing of the king (authorities) etc. are attained.

ii) In the Period of the strong Sun-the native acquires power (authority), conveyance etc.

Inauspicious Effects of the Sun’s Major Period:

1. If the Sun is weak by his position in the 6th, the 8th or the 12th house, sign of debilitation, conjunct witht the malefic, Rahu or Ketu or with the lords of the 6th, the 8th or the 12th house –

i) In the process of this Period, intense miseries, loss of wealth and fame, living in foreign land, punishment by the Sovereign (Government/authorities), money crunch, pains of illness, defame, confrontation with brothers and friends, fear of father’s death, and other kind of unfavourable Effects are felt.

In this duration, mental agony of the parents and native also encounters unjustified wrath of public.

2. If weak Sun has aspect or company of the benefic planets-

i) native at times, gets happy events but if there is only malefic influence, the learned shall always predict unfavourable Effects.

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