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The effects of Rahu and Ketu Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

Sequencing of Operation of Effects

1. During the periods of a planet’s operation, the first half shall produce Effects pertaining to the house it owns which comes first when counted from Lagna. The second half of the Major period shall produce results signified by the house that comes second.

Let us illustrate it by an example. Suppose in a horoscope, Jupiter is the lord of 2nd and 11th houses. During his Major period, he shall produce Effects pertaining to the 2nd house during the first half. During the second half, he shall produce results pertaining to the 11th house.

2. Planets which own two houses do not produce equal amount of results pertaining to both the houses they own. The results pertaining to the houses which happen to be their Moolatrikona signs shall be more predominant than the other. The Moolatrikona signs of planets are Sun-Leo; Moon-Taurus; Mars-Aries; Mercury-Virgo; Jupiter-Sagittarius; Venus-Libra; Saturn-Aquarius; Rahu-Cancer; Ketu-Gemini and Sagittarius.

Modifications of Effects

The Effects produced during the periods of planets, are general in nature, extend of the good, and bad should be determined after careful consideration of the following rules.
A plant benefic by its occupation in a house shall do maximum good effects if the house happens to be its exaltation sign or own sign. If that be a friendly sign, the Effects shall be felt only to moderate intensity.

If it be a neutral sign, the effects shall be only neutral and shall not be much realised. If it be an inimical or depression sign of the planet, the good effects shall not be felt at all.

If the planet be malefic in nature due to occupation in the house, if that house happens to be its exaltation or own sign, the results shall be almost neutral and shall not be felt. If it happens to be a neutral sign, the evil results shall be felt to some extent. If it happens to be an inimical or depression sign, the evil results shall be felt with maximum intensity.

In considering the degree of benefic or malefic results of planets according to their position due care should be taken to see whether the planet is a benefic, neutral or a malefic towards the native due to ownership. A combined study of all these should be made and the results should be modified accordingly.

How the Effects Are Realised

The following rules may be applied in timing the events:-

As to when the results of planetary periods due to their natural governance over certain affairs, or due to their ownership of certain houses and lastly due to their position in certain houses of the horoscope are to be realised, so that correct inference may be drawn.

1. Planets in their Main periods, sub-periods, and inter-periods produce benefic or malefic results pertaining to their natural affairs, according as they are benefic or malefic towards the native.

2. They produce results pertaining to their ownership of houses in the horoscope during their Main periods only.

3. They produce results due to their occupation and aspect towards certain houses during the course of their sub-periods only.

4. They produce results pertaining to the house they occupy reckoned from the sub-lord during their sub-sub-periods.

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