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Assessing the Effects of Sub-Periods of a Planet Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

Rules for Assessing the Effects of Sub-Periods of a Planet

To Judge the affects of the sub-period of Planets in the major period of a planet the following rules will be helpful.

1. The Dasa of a planet that has achieved the Vargottam amsa will give favourable results. If the said planet is set or is in its fall, the effect will be mixed.

2. When the Period and sub-period belonging to two planets both of which occupy or own the 8th, the 12th or the 6th house are in progress, the effect will be inauspicious.

3. During the Dasa period of an inimical planet and the sub-period of a planet ruling the 3rd, the 5th or the 7th asterism counted from the natal Nakshatra is in progress or the sub-period of the lord owning the Sign occupied by the Moon or the 8th house there from is passing, the native will be troubled by thieves and enemies and pass through much distress.

4. When in the order of main Dasas is:-

i) the 4th Dasa belonging to Saturn, for person born in Mara Dasa

ii) the 6th Dasa belonging to Jupiter, for person born in Venus Dasa

iii) the 5th Dasa belonging to Mars, for person born in Ketu Dasa

iv) the 5th Dasa belonging to Rahu, for person born in Venus Dasa

v) the Dasa period of a planet situated in the end of a sign, or owning the Dusthana like the 6th, 8th or the 12th

vi) every one of these is going to bring misery and prove dangerous.

5. When Mars occupies an Gemini or Pisces sign or his exaltation sign identical with the 10th or the 11th house, his Dasa period will bestow upon the native a kingdom. After defeating his enemies, he is sure to become a famous king possessing a large number of vehicles and a large army; and feeding many people.

6. When Venus, neither set nor conjunct with a malefic, is in his own or exaltation sign identical with the 12th, 10th or the 11th house, the native during its Dasa period will acquire many gems and precious stones, gain intellectual insight, become greatly effluent and be praised by many people.

7. When the benefit are placed in their depression, inimical, the 6th or the 12th houses, they produce untoward results, whereas malefic placed in similar situation give in their Dasa period incalculable miseries.

8. During the Dasa period of a Planet,

i) if the sub-period belongs to an unfriendly planet to the Dassa Lord (main ruling planet) or

ii) to a planet occupying the 6th or the Dusthana or

iii) to a planet unfriendly to the lord of the Ascendant

iv) the native should expect danger from his enemies and loss or change of position; even the friends should be expected to become hostile to him.

9. Whichever House reckoned from the lord of Major Period is occupied by the lord of the sub-period, it is only the result arising from that House that will come to pass in that sub-period, and if the lord of the sub-period happens to be the 6th, 8th or the 12th from the Main period Lord, the result will be most unpleasant, where as the remaining House Lords will give favourable effects.

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