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Profession (combinations of planets) Part 6

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 6

Health: Sun, Mars – Virgo – Scorpio.

Home Affairs: Mars, Sun, Jupiter – Aries – Lagna.

Industry: Mars, Mercury, Saturn, 10th house.

Information: Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, 3rd house.

Iron and Steel: Mars, Saturn, Mercury.

Irrigation: Moon, Mars, Venus, 2nd house.

Labour: Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, 6th house.

Law: Jupiter, Mars, Sun, 2nd house.

Metals: Mars, Sun and any planet.

Mines: Saturn, Mars, Sun.

Petroleum: Saturn, Moon, Venus, Mars.

Post and Telegraph: Jupiter, Mercury, Mars.

Railways: Venus, Mars, Mercury, 3rd house.

Rehabilitation: Saturn, Sun, Jupiter.

Revenue: Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, 2nd and 11th houses.

Social welfare: Venus, Jupiter, 11th house.

Supplies: Mercury, Jupiter, 12th house.

Technical Development: Jupiter, Mercury, Mars.

Telephones: Jupiter, Mercury, Mars.

Transport: Venus, Mercury, 3rd house.

Aviation: Venus, Mercury, Airy sign, 9th house.

Shipping: Venus, Mercury, Moon, 9th house.

Works and Housing: Mar, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, 4th house.

Secretary: Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Sun.

Statistics: Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter.

Technicians: Mars, Mercury.

Clerk: Mercury.

Typist: Mars, Mercury.

Shorthand Typist: Saturn, Mercury, Mars.

Peon: Saturn.

Camp clerk: Mercury, Venus, 3rd and 12th houses.

Geology: Saturn, Mars.

Revenue: Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and 2nd and 11th houses.

Difference between Revenue Minister and Finance Minister is, that the former collects money from the public and the latter spends them for the public.

Advocate: Mercury, Jupiter, 2nd house.

Judge: Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Sun, 2nd, 6th, 10th houses.

Registrar: Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Sun, 2nd 6th, 10th houses.

Public Prosecutor: Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, 2nd house.

Advocate – General: Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, 2nd house.

Registrar for Marriage: Mercury, Mars, Venus, Sun.

Bank Agent: Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, 2nd house.

Bank Accountant: Mercury Jupiter, 2nd and 3rd house.

Bank Foreign Exchange: Jupiter, Mercury, 9th and 12th houses.

Bank Security Dept.: Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Mars.

Scientific Research: Uranus, Venus, Mercury.

Physical Education: Jupiter, Sun, Venus.

Drawing Master: Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter.

Draftsman: Saturn, Venus, Mercury and so on.

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