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Nature of Service in Vedic Astrology

Dr. Shanker Adawal

He is a surgeon practicing in Bombay. Normally, when one tries to find out the profession of a person, he has to note (1) the planet occupying the 10th house and also the lord of the 10th house (2) the Navamsa signs occupied by them, (3) the lords of the Navamsa signs in which the occupant of the 10th house and the lord of the 10th house were, and (4) judge the profession signified by the lords of the Navamsa signs occupied by the occupant of the 10th house and the lord of the 10th house. This is the principle which is being generally followed but requiring correction by the application of Krishnamurti Padhdhati.

According to this method – (a) one should note where exactly the meridian falls; (b) the lord of the sign, the star and sub. Also take into account planet very close to the meridian. The profession is indicated by the combination of these planets and the Dasa lord in progress.

House 2, 6 and 10 are to be judged. Whenever matters signified by a particular house is to be judged, the following principle is to be universally adopted without exception:-

(a) The lords of the sign, star and the sub where the cups of the house falls.

(b) The planet in the constellation of the occupant of the particular bhava (house).

(c) The occupant of the house.

(d) If there is no occupant in such houses, then the planets in the constellation of the lords of the houses.

(e) The lords of the houses.

(f) The planets conjoined with the strong significators and also planets receiving aspect from the significators.

In the above horoscope, houses 2 and 6 are unoccupied and Moon is in the 10th house. The meridian falls at the 6th degree in Gemini, according to Nirayana System.

Applying Krishnamurti Padhati, the meridian in Gemini 6 degrees means that the sign is ruled by Mercury, the star by Mars and sub by Sun. Therefore his main profession will be indicated by Mercury, Mars and Sun. Sun and Mercury give him the intelligence, quick understanding, grasp and because both of them were in a watery sign, correct intuition is indicated. One of the main occupations indicated by Sun is medicine. Mars is for surgery and Mercury for quick action and also correct diagnosis. Hence from the position of the Meridian, one can say that he is a surgeon.

The others alternative would be that Mars and Mercury indicate mechanical engineering, and Sun for service in the Government.

Also one can predict that he may be serving in a Government Press, as Sun indicates Government, Mercury paper and communication and Mars machinery. Thus, a few avocations may be indicated by the combination of the lord of the sing, star and sub, where he had his meridian (10th Bhava). By applying Krishnamurti Padhati one can minimize the alternatives and determine the exact nature as disclosed by sub lord.

Houses 2 and 6 are vacant, 10th house is occupied by Moon. Moon governs the stars Rohini, Hastham and Sravanam. No planet is found occupying any of the three stars. Therefore, Moon must be take as one of the significators of profession. Consider what Moon can do. It is in the constellation of Mars and aspected by Mars and Jupiter (both are in their own signs and strong). Therefore, Moon is to offer the results of Mars and Jupiter. Mars and Scorpio suggest chemical or medical and Jupiter in Sun’s constellation suggest chemical or medical. Mars in the constellation of Saturn and in Scorpio indicates that he will carry out post-mortem also as Saturn denotes the dead. Hence, the occupant Moon also promises that he will be a surgeon.

But if we were to apply the general principle, the lord of the 10th house is Mercury. It occupies Cancer in Navamsa, which is owned by Moon and in the 10th house Moon is posited and it is in Scorpio Navamsa. Therefore, the lords of Cancer and Scorpio (Moon and Mars) indicate the profession. Normally, one cannot expect medical profession for the combination of Moon and Mars, as the rule is to find the lord of the Navamsa sign and read out the profession.

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