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Profession (combinations of planets) Part 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 5

Salesman: Mercury, Jupiter.

Salt: Moon, Mars Sun.

Sanitary ware: Venus, Mercury, Mars.

Sarees: Venus.

Scientific apparatus: Venus, Mercury, Mars.

Sewing Machine: Mars, Venus.

Shoes: Mars, Saturn, Venus.

Silver: Moon, Venus.

Soap: Venus, Mars.

Soldiers: Mars.

Sporting Goods: Sun, Venus, Mars.

Stainless Steel: Mars, Venus.

Stationery: Mercury, Jupiter.

Steam Engine: Mars, Moon, Venus.

Steel: Mars, Saturn.

Stone: Saturn, Mars.

Sugar: Venus.

Survey: Saturn, Venus.

Surgical: Sun, Mars, Mercury.

Switchgear: Mercury, Mars.

Tailor: Mars, Venus.

Tanning: Mars, Moon, Venus, Saturn.

Taxi: Venus, Mercury, Mars.

Tea: Mars, Venus, Saturn.

Textile: Moon, Mercury.

Timber: Venus (8th house).

Tin: Jupiter.

Tools: Mars, Mercury.

Tractors : Transports: Venus, Mercury, Trench – Mars, Saturn; Tunnel – Mars, Saturn (Horizontal boring in tunnel).

Typewriters: Mars, Mercury.

Wood: Mars, Venus.

Workshop: Mars, Saturn.

Yarn: Moon, Mercury.

President: Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn.

Minister: Sun, Mars, Jupiter

Member of Parliamente: Sun, Mercury, Jupiter.

Ministry of Ministry:

Atomic Energy: Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus.

Broadcasting: Jupiter, Mercury, Venus.

Commerce: Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, 3rd house, 7th and 9th house.

Communication: Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, 3rd house.

Co-operation: Venus, Jupiter and 11th house.

Defense: Mars, Sun, Saturn and 7th house.

Education: Jupiter, Mercury, Sun and 4th house.

External: Affairs, Moon, Mercury, Sun and 7th and 9th houses.

Finance: Jupiter, Sun, Mars and 12th house.

Fisheries: Moon, Mars, Venus, Saturn.

Food – Agriculture: Mars, Venus, Jupiter and 2nd house.

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