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Movement of Signs in the Kala Chakra

Dr. Shanker Adawal

There are three kinds of movements of the Signs in the Kala Chakra, namely Mandooki, Markati and Simhavlokan. The movement of one Sign by jumping over one Sign is known, as Mandooki Movement. Backward movement to the previous Sign is called Markati Movement,. The movement of a Sign to the 5th and 9th Rasi is said to be Simhavlokan.

1. Movement from Virgo to Cancer and from Leo to Gemini is Mandooki Movement. Movement from Leo to Cancer is Markati Movement. Movement from Pisces to Scorpio and from Sagittariuis to Aries is called Simhavlokan Movement.

Effects of Dasas of Signs, as a Result of these Movements

1. The effects of the Dasa of the Rasis with Mandooki Movement in the Savya Chakra are distress to friends, relations, parents and elders and there is likely to be cause of trouble from poison, weapons, thieves and enemies.

2. In the Mandooki Dasa of the Movement of a Rasi from Leo to Gemini there is the likelihood of the death of the mother, or self, trouble from Government and possibility of brain fever.

3. The effects of the Dasa of Rasi with Markati Movement in the Savya Chakra are loss of wealth, agricultural products and animals, death of father, or an elderly close relation and feeling of lethargy.

4. The effects of the Dasa of the Signs with Simhavlokan Movement in the Savya Chakra are possibility of injury from animals, loss of harmony with friends, distress to near relations, drowning in a well, fall from animals, and possibility of harm from poison, weapons and diseases and destruction of residential house or dwelling.

5. In the Dasa of the Signs with the Mandooki Movement in the Apsavya Chakra the effects will be distress to wife and conditions, loss of children, possibility of feverish conditions and loss of service.

6. In the Dasa of the Signs with the Markati Movement there may be danger from watery places, loss of position, distress to father, punishment from authority or Government and wandering in the forests;

7. In the Dasa of the Signs with the Simhavlokan movement there may be loss of status destruction of the dwelling and death of father or close relation etc.

8. When the movement is from Pisces to Scorpio, the native may suffer from fever;

9. When the movement is from Virgo to Cancer, there may be loss of brothers and kinsmen;

10. When the movement is from Leo to Gemini, there may be ill health of the wife;

11. When the movement is from Cancer to Leo, the native may die;

12. When the movement is from Sagittarius to Aries, there may be death of uncles and similar relations.

13. When the Sign is occupied by a malefic planet, adverse conditions may be expected in the Dasa of the Sign.

14. Favourable effects will be felt in its Dasa, when the Sign is occupied with a benefic.

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