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Kala Chakra Dasa favourable and unfavourable effects Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

In the Kala Chakra Dasa favourable and unfavourable effects may be predicted, after taking into account the directions of the Signs and Planets.

1. When the movement is from Virgo to Cancer, good results are realized in places located in the East and at that time journeys to the places in the North prove fruitful. Unfavourable effects will be felt in places located in the West and the South. It will be advisable not to undertake journeys in those directions in the Dasa of these Signs.

2. When the movement is from Leo to Gemini, no journey should be undertaken to places, located in the East. However, the journeys to the South-West will prove fruitful in the Dasa of those Signs.

3. When the movement is from Cancer to Leo, journeys during that period to the South will prove unfavourable and result in loss and the native has to return from the South to the West.

4. When the movement is from Pisces to Scorpio there will distress, when the native goes to the North.

5. When the movement is from Sagittarius to Capricorn, The same would happen, i.e., there will distress,

6. When the movement is from Sagittarius to Aries, there may be ill health, imprisonment, or death,

7. When the movement is from Sagittariuis to Scorpio, there may be gains, comforts and property and marriage,

8. When the movement is from Leo to Cancer, it will not be advisable to undertake journeys to the West during the related period.

9. Favourable results should be predicted, when the Rasis are occupied with benefic and

10. Adverse result when the Rasis are occupied with malefic.

According to the above-mentioned Kala Chakra, the person, born in the Amsa of the various Rasis, will be, as under:-

Aries Amsa: The Native is brave person and a thief,

Taurus Amsa: The Native is wealthy,

Gemini Amsa: The Native is learned,

Cancer Amsa: The Native is like a king, administrator

Leo Amsa: The Native is respected and recognized by Authority,

Virgo Amsa: The Native is knowledgeable,

Tula Amsa: The Native is minister, or adviser to Authority,

Sagittariius Amsa: The Native is an authority in field of learning,

Capricorn Amsa: The Native is sinful,

Aquarius Amsa: The Native is businessman,

Pisces Amsa: The Native is wealthy and resourceful.

The following are results of Dasa of different Amsa signs:-

Birth in Aries Navamsa:

Aries: Health problems, blood disorders and headaches

Taurus: Expanding of business, or trade.

Gemini: Gain of the true knowledge

Cancer: Increase of wealth

Leo: Danger from enemies

Virgo: Happiness from spouse and romance

Libra: High government position

Scorpio: Deathlike conditions

Sagittarius: Gain of assets

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