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Know about Various Dasa Systems Part 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 4

Driga (Aspect) Dasa

In this system the order of the Dasas is, as follows:-

1. From the Ascendant – the Sign, occupying Ninth house, the Signs, receiving a Aspect from the Sign in Ninth house,

2. The Sign in Tenth, the Rasis, receiving a Aspect from the Sign in Tenth,

3. Lastly the Sign in Eleventh house and the Signs, receiving a Aspect from the Sign in Eleventh house.

4. In this system the sequence of Dasa is decided based on Rasi Aspects, hence, it has been named, as Driga (Aspect) Dasa.

5. Three different processes are adopted for the Movable, Fixed and Dual Signs starting from Ninth house, Tenth and Eleventh house.

6. According to them, Sign, which receives an Aspect from the Movable Sign, is counted backwards and the Sign, receiving a Aspect from the Fixed Sign, is counted onwards. In the case of the Dual Sign, When it is odd, the counting is onwards and the order is backwards in case of an even Sign, for the Signs, receiving a Aspect.

Ascendantadi Rasi Dasa

Every Nakshatra in this system has Dasas of all the 12 Signs, including Ascendant.

1. Consequently the Bhayat at birth may be multiplied by 12 and then the product should be divided by Bhabhog. The resultant Sign, degree etc. so available, be added to the longitude of Ascendant. When the sum of the signs is more than 12 signs, subtract 12 signs and balance sign is taken.

2. The Sign, available by above calculation, will start the Dasas of the 12 Signs. (When that Sign is odd, the counting will be onwards. It will be in the reverse order, when the Sign is even).

3. For finding the balance of Dasa at birth, multiply the expired degree etc., by the Dasa years of the first Dasa Rasi and divide it by 30.

4. The years etc. so arrived at may be deducted from the Dasa years.

5. The result will indicate the balance of Dasa at birth in years, months etc.

Panchswara Dasa

Beginning from Akaradhi five Swaras (a, i, u, e, o), write underneath them the Varnas in six rows.

1. Leave out the letters ia, a and ea, because they are not used in names. When they are found in any name, ga may be substituted for ia, ja for a and da for ea for working out the Dasas and making predictions.

2. In this manner the Swaras, under which the first Varnas of the name of the  native is found, will determine the order of the Dasas of the five Swaras.

3. The Dasas are of 12 years for all the five Swaras. In the Dasa of every Swaras there will be Sub-period Dasas of all the five Swaras in the same order.

Yogini Dasa

Now us discuss the Yogini Dasa.

1. There are eight Yogini Dasa, namely Mangla, Pingala, Dhanya, Bhramari, Bhadrika, Ulka, Siddha and Sankata.

2. The planets- Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Venus and Rahu are the respective lords of these.

3. Add three to the Birth Nakshatra and divide it by eight. The remainder will indicate the Yogini Dasa of Mars, etc., in the serial order. The Dasas are in the order of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 years span.

4. The balance of Dasa at birth should be worked out from the Bhayat and Bhabhog method.

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