Know about Various Dasa Systems Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 3

Karaka Dasa

The system, under which the first Dasa is of the ATMA Karaka and the subsequent Dasas are of the remaining seven Karakas in their order is known, as Karaka Dasa.

1. In this system the Dasa years are equal to the number of Signs, counted from Ascendant up to the respective Karaka.

2. The Karaka are – ATMA, Amatya, Bhratri, Matri, Pitri, Putra, Gnati, Dara karaka.

Manduka Dasa

Under the Manduka Dasa system the Dasa commences from Ascendant, or Seventh house, whichever is stronger for a Male native, but for female native always count from seventh house.

1. When the Sign of commencement is an odd Sign, the Dasas of 3 Movable, 3 Fixed and 3 Dual Signs will be counted in the onwards order. They will be in the reverse order in the case of an even Sign.

2. Here Dasa of Rasis which are in the angles are adopted.

3. In this system the Dasa years will be the same, as in Sthir Dasa. The Dasa years are 7, 8, 9 years according to moveable, fixed or common sign respectively.

4. In this system every Dasa is of the next 3rd Sign (i.e., jumping over two signs)
Another version:-

5. The first Dasa should be of sign in ascendant, or second, or third sign, which ever is stronger.

Shoola Das

Some sages have designed the Shoola Dasa for ascertaining the timing of death.

1. In this system the Dasa commences from Second house, or Eighth house, with-respect-to Ascendant, whichever is stronger?

2. When the leading Sign is an odd one, the order of the Dasa Signs will be onwards. It will be backwards in the case of an even sign.

3. The Dasa years in this system are, as adopted for the Sthir Dasa. The Dasa years are 7, 8, 9 years according to moveable, fixed or common sign respectively.

4. There is a possibility that death occurs in the Dasa of the Maraka Sign, which has greater strength.

Trikona (Trine) Dasa

1. In this system the first Dasa commences from the strongest amongst the Signs in Trine to the Ascendant (First house, Fifth house and Ninth house).

2. This system is similar to the Char Dasa.

3. Here also the Dasas of the Signs adopted, will be in the forward order in the case of odd Signs, and in the reverse order in the case of even Signs. The Dasa years will be similar to that of Char Dasa. It has been named Trikona because of the commencement of the Dasa is from the Signs in Konas.

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