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The Effects of Yogini Dasa

Dr. Shanker Adawal

1. During the Mangla Dasa of the Moon, there will be calm of mind, all round success in business, enjoying good food, getting wife, children, ornaments, clothes, gems, cattle wealth and land and extending honour to Brahmins.

2. Before declaring any thing, examine the strength of the Moon in a nativity. In the first ten days of the lunar month, the Moon possesses moderate strength, during the next ten days he is of utmost strength and therefore is considered most auspicious. During the last ten days his strength is on the wane and the effect also begins to decline.

3. When in a nativity the Sun occupies a bad position, during his Pingala Dasa, he will cause quarrel, sudden displeasure of the Sovereign, discomfort and disease amongst relatives fruitless wandering, painful mental anguish, and danger from fire to hidden wealth, grain, sons and wife.

4. When in a nativity the Sun occupied a good position, during his Pingala Dasa, he will cause acquisition of wealth through unkind acts, journeys, authority and disputes; wandering through forests and mountains; great reputation, promotion of business, severity in devotion to duty and happiness.

5. When Jupiter, Dhanya Dasa is operating, there will be observation of some religious ceremonies, acquisition of children, recognition from the ruler and applauses from great men. The  native will get elephants, horses and vehicles; meeting his wife, children and friends and have the pleasure of fulfilling his desires.

6. Mars, during his Bhramari Dasa in a nativity, will cause the person concerned get wealth through fire, the king, disputes and the like. Money will flow in through administering medicines, falsehood, cheating and several other misdeeds. He will constantly suffer from bilious complaints, blood poisoning and fever; adultery with low women; quarrelling with his own wife, children, relations and elders including the preceptor, and thus be miserable; and he will be busy promoting others fortune.

7. During the Bhadrika Dasa of Mercury, there will be meeting of friends, personal comforts, reputation praise from the learned, favour from elders, cleverness in speech, service to others, and happiness to wife, children, friends etc., acquisition of fame.

8. During the Ulka, Dasa of Saturn, the wife and children of the native suffer from gout, rheumatism or such windy ailments; he suffers loss in agriculture, by loose tongue, adultery with wicked women, desertion of servants, living in foreign land; and sudden loss of relatives, lands, happiness and wealth.

9. During the Siddha Dasa of Venus, the native will get material and facility for his sport and pleasure, good vehicles, cows, gems, ornaments, treasure. He will have the opportunity to enjoy the company of young ladies, intellectual pursuits and voyage etc. He will perform benevolent deeds and receive great honour from the state.

10. During the Sankata Dasa of Rahu the native should expect trouble from the ruler, thieves, poison, fire and weapons, children falling sick, loss of tranquility of mind; loss of relatives, slighted by low people, scandal due to a breach of decorum, termination from an office, insulted and kicked, and failure of business enterprise.

11. Should Rahu be conjoined with a benefic and be posited in an auspicious house his Sankata Dasa will prove not only auspicious but raise the native to affluence like that of a king. All his desires will be fulfilled and he will enjoy happiness in his house. There will be steady accumulation of wealth and he will become quite celebrated.

Pinda, Amsa and Naisargika or Ashtakavarga Dasas.

The Pinda, Amsa and Naisargika Dasa will be corresponding to Pinda-ayu, Amsa-ayu and Naisargika-ayu (Full span 120 years).
The order of Dasas will be, as follows.

1. The first will be of Ascendant, Sun, or Moon, whoever is stronger.

2. The subsequent Dasas will be of Planets in Kendra (1,4,7,10) to them, then of Planets in Panaphara (2,5,8,11) Bhavas and lastly in Apoklima (3,6,9,12) Bhavas.

3. The Dasas and Sub-period of Ascendant and the seven Planets will also be in the same order.

4. The effects of these Dasas will be in accordance with Ashtakavarga strength.

5. These Dasas are also called Ashtakavarga Dasas.

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