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Know about Various Dasa Systems Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

Sthir Dasa

Now let us describe the Sthir Dasa.

1. In this Dasa system 7, 8 and 9 years are the Dasa spans of the Movable, Fixed and Dual Signs.

2. In this system the Dasa of the 12 Signs beings from the sign where Brahma Planet is placed. The Dasas are counted onwards from the odd Signs and in the reverse order from the even Signs.

Let us know, how the Brahma Planet is picked out in a chart.

3. From amongst the Lords of sixth, Eighth and twelfth house, the Planet who possesses the greatest strength, and is placed in Ascendant, or in Seventh house with strength, or the one, placed in an odd Sign within sixth Bhava from the Bhava concerned, is called the Brahma Planet.

4. The Lord of Eighth house in Eighth house is also accepted, as Brahma Planet.

5. When Saturn, or Rahu/Ketu can not obtain Brahmatva (qualifications of Brahma Planet). When they do qualify for Brahma Planet, then the planet placed in sixth sign from them or the sign lord of that sixth sign will be Brahma Planet.

6. When a number of Planets obtain Brahmatva, the one with the largest number of degrees would become Brahma Planet.

7. When there is parity in the degrees of such Planets, the most powerful amongst them would become Brahma Planet.

Yogardha Dasa

1. The spans of Dsas of the Signs in the Yogardha Dasa system are half of the total of the spans of Char and Sthir Dasas.

2. The Dasa will commence from the Sign of Ascendant, or Seventh house, whichever is stronger.

3. The order of the Dasas of the 12 Rasis will be counted onwards, When the opening Dasa Sign is an odd one. When it be an even Sign, the Dasas will be in reverse order.

Kendradi Dasa

In this system there are Dasas of Fixed Signs in the Kendra etc. from Ascendant, or from Seventh house, whichever is stronger.

1. When Ascendant or Seventh house with strength is placed in an odd Sign, in the Kendra etc., Dasa are counted in the onward order. When it be in an even Sign, the counting will be in the backward, or reverse order.

2. In these also the Dasas would be in the order of comparative strength of the Signs.

3. The order of Dasas of signs would be the same, as reckoned from the ATMA Karaka.

4. The duration of Dasas of signs would be the same, as they are in the Char Dasa.

5. In calculating the years of Dasas for Planets, counting is done from the Planet to his own Sign. The 
years of Dasas would be the number, arrived at by counting up to the Sign of the Planet, which is stronger, or more in number.

6. When a Planet is owning two Signs, the Dasa years will be equal to the number, which is greater, when counted from the Rasi, occupied by him.

Note: Under this system Dasas are of two kinds, namely Ascendant Kendradi and ATMA Karaka Kendradi. There is also Kendradi Sign Dasa, or Kendradi Planet Dasa in both the Dasa systems, mentioned above.

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