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Know about Various Dasa Systems Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Char Dasa

Char Dasa relates to twelve houses and correspondingly it pertains to the sign of the twelve houses.

1. In the Char Dasa system, the number of signs from the sign of the house, up to the lord of the sign will denote the number of years of the Dasa of the said sign. These signs put together in succession from Aries constitute one quarter (Pada). In order to ascertain the period of Char Dasa, the counting of the signs of odd quarters (1, 3), be done in forward order, while for signs of even quarters (2, 4), it should be in reverse order.

Sign are odd and even sign. But here the division in different. The new division is as follows:

The zodiac is divided in four parts of 90o each i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th part thus in the 1st part will the three signs starting from Aries sign.

In the 2nd part will be three signs starting from Cancer sign.

In the 3rd part will be three signs starting from Libra sign.

In the 4th part will be three signs starting from Capricorn sign.

Now 1st & 3rd part signs are odd group of signs. 2nd & 4th part signs are even group signs.

Now let us see the working out of the Dasa years of Scorpio and Aquarius.

1. When both the Lords of the two Signs- Scorpio and Aquarius, are placed in their own Signs, their Dasa will be of 12 years, otherwise the Dasa will be of the number of years, indicated by the number, counted from that Sign to the Sign, occupied by its Lord.

2. When one Planet be in his own Sign and the other in any other Sign, the Dasa will be of the number of years counted, from the above first Sign to the other. When the both Lords are in different Signs, the forward or reverse, counting should be in respect of the planet, which is stronger, up to the Sign.

3. The Sign, which has a Planet, placed in it, is considered more powerful, than the Sign without a Planet in it. When both signs are with Planets in them, the one with more Planets would be considered more powerful. When both Signs are occupied by an equal number of Planets, the strength of the Sign itself should be taken into account.

4. The principle for considering the strength of the Sign is that the Fixed Sign is considered stronger, than the Movable sign and the Dual Sign is considered more powerful than the Fixed Sign. When there is equality in the strength of the Signs, then to determine the number of years of Dasa counting should be done up to the Sign with bigger number.

5. When one Sign is occupied by a Planet in exaltation, the counting should be done up to that Sign only. In addition, one should be added in the number of years in the case of a Sign, with an exalted Planet, and one should be deducted from the number of ears in the case of a Sign with a Planet in debilitation. The prediction should be made after calculating the Dasdas in this manner.

6. When the Sign in Ninth house, Bhava is in an odd Pada, the counting should be from the Sign in the Ascendant onwards. The counting would be in the reverse order, When the Pada is even. The Dasas of Sign have to be fixed, keeping this in view.

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