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How to Get a Good Job

Dr. Shanker Adawal

To initiate the topic, somebody may inspire me to bear-in-mind the unemployment problem in India. Considering the pros and cons viewpoints, this topic will be appreciated both by the job seekers and good job hunters. Unlike many astrologers, it may be appointed out that job may be available on a certain date. But, today, people are passing the days when they can not think even to spoil a moment. Statistics will say that wastage of a moment means loss of finance for the gap period. It is obvious that most of the persons usually had to wait for a certain period to get him into a service. Scrutiny is essential to find out job matter in time. Luck may favour to get a boon before passing the examination conducted by the educational institution. So it may be appended that there must be some sort of planetary effects by dint of that the person was absorbed into the service. It is to be admitted that luck is a vital point. This is generally assessed from ninth house, place of fate. The fortune teller will have to take a note whether there is any co-relation among 9th, 10th & 6th lords or not.

Employment probabilities are calculated from the positional strength of 2nd, 6th, 10th and 11th houses. Generally, location of planet or lord of the 10th house is noticed while predicting about job opportunities. As 6th house is the indicator of the 10th house planetary influence or lordship must be verified. 6th house is nothing but 9th position from the tenth house which is having an importance in case of forecasting. Both western and Eastern Astrologers are of the opinion that the fortune teller will have to keep an eye to the Dasa/sub-dasa of the 10th house lord or the planet therein, for assessment of employment matter at a glance. New conception may be appreciated by the readers about profession. Both south Indian and western astrologers including B. V. Raman and K. S. Krishnamurti are of the view that emphasis is to be given on the transition of the benevolent planet and 10th lord in Gochara to take out accurate prediction. Eminent western astrologer, Raephel, pointed out that aspects like sextile, semi-sextile, trine, quadrant, sexquadrant, semi-sexquadrant etc. are to be observed from the standpoint of house cusp of the 6th, 10th and 11th houses. Even sub point of the aforesaid houses may indicate which planet may be effective to employ the native in which concern and at what time.

It would be absolutely wrong to predict about service only on seeing the planets posited the 10th house. Question may arise: what to do then? In reply it may be said that degree of the planets posited in the specified house together with the house cusp of the house concerned along with the lordship and planetary aspect (malefic & benefic) are to be analysed critically so that there will be no doubt of judgment about choice or nature of profession of the native.

For information, in a nut-shell, it can be appended that Sun is a royal planet in the solar system, whose influence is required for getting any type of job. In Vedas, it is told that sun or aditya is karma karaka or lord of the employment. For Cancer lagna, Sun, if it is in Aries or Mesha, in exaltation, will definitely help the native to be in the top position in life. Likewise, for Scorpio/Vrischika ascended Sun, being the 10th lord, may assist the person to get a good position in life with dignity and respect. Along with, Sun, if Mercury is conjoined instant result of employment is expected. Those persons who will be getting influence of Sun, may have public honour and reputation etc. Research in astro-physics is conducted on the planet, Sun. Location of Moon in tenth house indicates that the person may be employed in such a concern where liquid or fancy commodities like cloth, silk, medicine etc. are dealt with. Whereas Mars in karmasthana (in place of employment) helps the native to become a soldier, engineer, banker, money lender, surgeon etc. Mercury in the tenth house assist the native to become an administrator, teacher, journalist, lecturer, persons having Mercury in 10th house may help the subject to choose mathematics as profession. Astrological interests are due to Mercury in 10th position. Nature of Mercury is to make the native an assistant and writer or book seller or likewise. Debilitated Mercury in tenth house provides clerical job. Jupiter’s location in tenth house no doubt employs the person in a reputed organization. Banking job, insurance matters, taxation lecturership, ministerial, diplomatic affair are governed by Jupiter. On the other hand, Venus is the lord of Asuras. All types of power are possessed by Venus. In a word, if Venus is benevolent for the native, it can make the person jack of all trades to some extent. Adviser, writer, administrator, diplomat, competitor in top executive examination, mathematics, chemical engineering, minister, doctor, astrologer, medical representative etc. are the profession of Venus. In case of business dealings, Venus assists the subject to initiate business of fancy commodities specially which are fond of ladies. Saturn is such a planet which helps the native to employ in the organization in touch of fire, steel, iron, coal mines, journalism, philosophy, chemistry, mining engineering etc. Influence of benevolent Jupiter and Saturn tries to absorb in foreign concern or in foreign department.

According to the analysis, made by the western and Indian astrologers including Krishna Murti system followers, locations of 6th, 10th and lagna lord are to be noted with care. In astrology 5th and 9th are said as trident (trikona) i.e. 120o  each. In difference 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses are quadrant (Kendras), i.e. next powerful position from the standpoint of locational strength of the planets. So if the native usually gets the beneficial effect of 10th lord of konapati or kendrapati blessings, there will be no doubt upgradation in position. Malefic planet, on the other hand, may give trouble in case of profession so that it would be no longer possible to remain in services of the institution concerned.

In “Brihat Jataka,” an authentic book on astrology, it is clearly cited that person will get the service according to the influence of the planet relating to place of service. In the religious books, it is mentioned that the man/woman will get good job according to his/her Purva Karmas (past work). That means work in the honest way definitely give fruitful result throughout the life and also in the next life. It is analysed that sometimes most of the person who have chosen profession in the evil or dishonest way, their minds become changed into honest way. These are nothing but the planetary influence on the native. The planet which will be traced in sub point by means of calculating house cusp of tenth house will provide the nature of job to the person.

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