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Dr. Shanker Adawal

Dasa gives a system whereby we see the results which impact the native in a time period. Each Dasha is controlled by one planet. It is the disposition and relationship of this planet, that the promised events are reflected. The results which a planet promises in its Dasa has to be studied by a careful analysis of the planet.

The Vimshottari Dasha is a 120 year cycle of planetary position based on the position of Moon in one of the lunar mansions called Nakshatras. We have started the book explaining various Dasas. The first basic principles have been explained at length.

In the next part we go in details, discussing the strength of the planet depending upon position of planets, lordship and various rules that modify the strength.

Each Dasa and its predictive aspect are explained in details. It takes into consideration the sign in which the planet is posited. It also explains the effect of directional strength, state of the planet and the divisional strength. This will enable the reader to make an overall assessment of the planet whose Dasa is being analyzed for a native.

The next part dwells with the rules that have to be followed while taking the impact of Sub Period in the major period (Dasa) of the planet. We have in details discussed factors that strengthen or weaken the result which is promised. Further the impact of other vectors, like the transit and strength have been explained.

The predictive aspect for Major and Sub Period of all planets have been dwelled in length. The results in general for all Dasas have been explained not only for Antardasha (Sub Period) but also for Pratyantar (Sub – Sub Period), Sookshma (Sub Sub Sub Period) and Prana Dasa (Sub Sub Sub Sub Period).

To conclude an important chapter has been put which talks of the Avashtas (State) of Planets and their effects. This will be of great help in doing predictions.
This book which is the sixth book in the encyclopedia will be useful for those doing predictions as well as for the research students. A lot of research and also we have tried to cover all aspects that are required to understand the Dasa System.

Shanker Adawal

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