Description of Apsavya Chakra

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Prepare a similar chart of 12 compartments and from the 2nd compartment onwards place the Signs from Scorpio onwards in the reverse order. I this Deha and Jiva would be the same for Rohini, Magha, Visakha and Sravana, as for Rohini.

In the first Pad of Rohini Nakshatra, Cancer is Deha and Sagittarius is Jiva.

Following are the sub-divisions for the 1st Pada of Rohini:-

1) Sagittarius-Jupiter, 2) Capricorn-Saturn, 3) Aquarius-Saturn, 4) Pisces-Jupiter, 5) Aries-Mars, 6) Taurus-Venus, 7) Gemini-Mercury, 8) Leo-Sun and 9) Cancer-Moon.

In the 2nd Pad of Rohini Nakshatra, Libra will be Deha and Virgo the Jiva.

The, sub-periods for the 2nd Pada of Rohini are:

1) Virgo-Mercury, 2) Libra-Venus, 3) Scorpio-Mars, 4) Pisces-Jupiter, 5) Aquarius-Saturn, 6) Capricorn-Saturn, 7) Sagittarius-Jupiter, 8) Scorpio-Mars and 9) Libra-Venus.

In the 3rd Pad of Rohini Nakshatra, Aquarius will be Deha and Virgo Jiva.

The sub-periods for the 3rd Pada of Rohini are:

1) Virgo-Mercury, 2) Leo-Sun, 3) Cancer-Moon, 4) Gemini-Mercury, 5) Taurus-Venus, 6) Aries-Mars, 7) Sagittarius-Jupiter, 8) Capricorn-Saturn, and 9) Aquarius-Saturn.

In the 4th Pad of Rohini Nakshatra, Scorpio will be Deha and Pisces Jiva

For the 4th Pada of Rohini, the sub-periods are:

1) Pisces-Jupiter, 2) Aries-Mars, 3) Taurus-Venus, 4) Gemini-Mercury, 5) Leo-Sun, 6) Cancer-Moon, 7) Virgo-Mercury, 8) Libra-Venus, and 9) Scorpio-Mars.

In the 4th Padas of the Apsavya Nakshatras- Mrigasiras, Ardra, Purba Phalguni, Uttaraphalguni, Anuradha, Jyestha, Dhanistha and Satabhisaj – the Deha and Jiva and the Dasa Lords will be the same, as for Mrigasiras.

In the first Pad of Mrigasiras Nakshatra – Cancer is Deha and Pisces is Jiva. The 1st Pada of Mrigasiras has the following sub-periods are:-

1) Pisces-Jupiter, 2) Aquarius-Saturn, 3) Capricorn-Saturn, 4) Sagittarius-Jupiter, 5) Scorpio-Mars, 6) Libra-Venus, 7) Virgo-Mercury, 8) Leo-Sun and 9) Cancer-Moon.

In the 2nd Pad of Mrigasiras Nakshatra – Taurus is Deha and Gemini is Jiva. The 2nd Pada of Mrigasiras has the following sub-periods are:-

1) Gemini-Mercury, 2) Taurus-Venus, 3) Aries-Mars, 4) Sagittarius-Jupiter, 5) Capricorn-Saturn, 6) Aquarius-Saturn, 7) Pisces-Jupiter, 8) Aries-Mars and 9) Taurus-Venus.

In the 3rd Pad of Mrigasiras Nakshatra – Capricorn is Deha and Gemini is Jiva. The sub-periods for the 3rd Pada of Mrigasiras are:-

1) Gemini-Mercury, 2) Leo-Sun, 3) Cancer-Moon, 4) Virgo-Mercury, 5) Libra-Venus, 6) Scorpio-Mars, 7) Pisces-Jupiter, 8) Aquarius-Saturn, and 9) Capricorn-Saturn.

In the 4th Pad of Mrigasiras Nakshatra – Aries will be Deha and Sagittarius Jiva. The sub-periods for the 4th Pada of Mrigasiras are:-

1) Sagittarius-Jupiter, 2) Scorpio-Mars, 3) Libra-Venus, 4) Virgo-Mercury, 5) Leo-Sun, 6) Cancer-Moon, 7) Gemini-Mercury, 8) Taurus-Venus and 9) Aries-Mars.

1. The description of the Deha and Jiva of the Padas of the Apsavya Nakshatras and the Dasa Lords is the same.

2. The Dasa spans of the Dasa Lords, is described earlier. How the commencement of the Dasa, it’s expired and the remaining periods at the birth are to be calculated as follows.

3. The span of life of a person is determined from the Padas (Amsa) of the Nakshatra at the time of birth, or the time of query and the years allotted to the 9 Signs, commencing from it (the Pad of the Nakshatra).

4. Some sages are of the view, that person will enjoy full span of life (Poorna Ayu), When his birth is at the commencement of the Padas, will have middle span of life (Madhya Ayu), When the birth is in the middle of the Padas and short span of life (Alp Ayu), or will face death-like sufferings, When the birth is at the end of the Padas of the Nakshatra.

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