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Venus in conjunction with Saturn

Dr. Shanker Adawal

He will manufacture fragrant powder, cosmetics will practice medicine or do business.

If Mars and lord of the 4th house are in 1, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10 or 11th house and if the lord of the tenth house is conjoined with, or aspected by, Venus and Moon, the person will have cattle and will attend to agriculture.

Thus an idea is given by Vaidyanatha Dikshita in Jataka Parijata.

Let us refer Mantreswar’s Phala Deepika. He also advocate to note the lord of the Navamsa occupied by the strongest of the planets owning the 10th house counted from Lagna, Moon and Sun. If the lord were to be –

Sun: Fruit trees, mantras, by fraudulent action or by gambling, by speaking untruth, dealing in wool, medicine, metals, Government service or service under some noble person.

Moon: Business, pearls corals, agriculture, cattle, farming, pilgrimage, serving a damsel, textiles.

Mars: metals, military service, cooking, agriculture, gold, troubling or black-mailing others, weapons, bold actions, wicked company, spy, thief.

Mercury: poet, reader, clerk, magician, astrologer, vedanthi, priest, etc.

Jupiter: Favour from good people, Government service, reciting mantras and Puranas, studying sastras, money-lending, Law.

Venus: Women, cows buffaloes, elephants, horse, dance, silver, scents, silk, milk, jewels, Aid-de-Camp, kavi.

Saturn: Bulbs, fruits, labour serving with low morality, bad grains, coolly, dirty jobs, sculpture, carpenter, butcher, etc.

The Place of acquiring wealth is indicated by the sign representing the tenth house or the Navamsa sign occupied by the ruler of the 10th house.

A person can make money in his own place if the 10th sign is occupied by its owner or at least aspected by him. If the lord of the 10th race occupies in Navamsa, a fixed sign he earns in his own place. If this Navamsa sign receives aspect from planets other than the owner, the native will earn money in a foreign place.

If we take a twin birth, we find that one looks after agriculture and remains in the village, whereas the other roams about and like a rolling stone does a variety of service and never stays in one place.

Take another twin birth where the Lagna, the position of Sun and Moon should be the same for both. The lord of the 10th house would be the same. The Agamas sign occupied by it would also be the same. Yet, one is a very famous medical practitioner remaining in his own residence and making money, whereas the other twin brother is an advocate, an orator, a vice-chancellor, an educationist and an industrialist moving from one place to another and earning in all place which he visits and wherever he stays.

Let us take another twin birth at Delhi. One is a Government official and the other is a speculative businessman.

Suppose the parents of the twins shows both the horoscopes, how will you predict:

(a) in which college medical, engineering, arts or technical, they will get admission?

(b) which profession they will have?

Mind you, there is no choice for the individual. Planets portray. They promise whatever they presage. That alone will happen. When one is doubtful because he himself is not sure of anything, one may offer advice and say that he may study medicine. But if the boy is keen, he may join engineering; if he does not like either, put him in arts college. But if you follow the principles propounded by Krishnamurti, you can predict only that which is to happen. Elimination is easy. Fixation is simple. Rules are very clear. Result is correct, no laborious calculation for days is needed on one horoscope. It is after all a matter of a few minutes.

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