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Know About the Krishnamurti Padhati Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

Let me state very briefly the combinations etc. to fix a profession. It will give the readers an idea about the method.

1. Study what each sign indicates e.g.

Aries: Police, defense, military, industry, land, brick kiln, soldiers, surgeons, chemists, those who deal in metals, iron, steel, etc., butchers, barbers, cooks, those who use sharp instruments, etc., (These details are available to the student in the First Reader.

2. Understand what each planet denotes, as for instance-

Jupiter: Law, administration, religion, finance, education, physician, judge, political career, production, expansion.

Venus: Music, art, paint, poet, actor, union, flower, scent, silk, milk, embroidery, fancy articles, costly ones, jewels, etc.

Saturn: Land, property, mice, coal, lead, jail, cremation, burial ground digger, watchman, coolly, etc. (he details are available to the student in the First Reader).

3. Now combine the Rasi and the planet. Aries-Mesha is ruled by Mars. In it there are 2 ¼ stars. First is Aswini, ruled by Ketu. The second is Bharani governed by Venus. The third is Karthikai, lord of which is Sun. Hence, according to Krishnamurti Padhati, suppose the meridian falls between 20degree6’40” and 21degree53’20” then this area is in the sign Aries owned by Mars, in the star Bharani governed by Venus and the sub ruled by Jupiter. Therefore Mars, Venus and Jupiter indicate his profession. Suppose one is born with the meridian between 21degree53’20” and 24degree0’ in Aries, then Mars rules the sign, Venus the star and Saturn the sub.

To note the position of meridian and the lords of the sign, star and sub will not take even a minute. You can invariably find that people working in animal husbandry or as a Judge will have some connection between Mars, Venus and Jupiter. Why & Venus and Mars indicate kama and strength and will to unite. Jupiter is the chief governor for progeny. So he will have something to do with animal husbandry or work as a veterinary doctor also. Mars indicates authority and power; Jupiter, law and Venus, assessment, Judgment, balancing the merits and demerits of the case. So he can be a Judge. But if the meridians is in the sub of Saturn, Mars-Venus-Saturn show that he works in a slaughter house or deals in skin and hides or manufactures shoes, etc., Why & Mars and Venus indicate “animals”. Saturn is called `yama’, the chief governor for slaughter. So he may work in a slaughter house. Or Venus is for `Thejas’ – skin (beauty), Saturn denotes the dead, Mars shows industry; an industry dealing in skins and hides.

Hence every point in the zodiac indicates a profession. 21degree in Mesha-Aries shows animal husbandry, 22degree in Mesha-Aries indicates slaughter house.

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