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Ones’ Profession Under K.P. Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

If the Navamsa sign is owned by

Sun: Medicine, wool, grass, water, grain, gold, pearls, respectable post under the government including ministers.

Moon: Dealing in things derived from water, agriculture, earth, indulging in controversial matters, apparel etc.

Mars: Metallurgy, war, robber, using fire, daring action etc.

Mercury: Arts, poetry, astrology, Vedas, to recite mantras for the b benefit of others, priests, etc.

Jupiter: Teacher, purohit, law, etc.

Venus: Gold, ruby elephants, horses, cattle, jiggery, cooked rice, salt, curdled milk, female, etc.

Saturn: Woodcutter, carpenter, servants, etc.

Beneficial planets owning the Navamsa sign occupied by the lord of the 10th house in the Navamsa chart shows that the person will be beneficial to others. He will have authority. But malefic planets owning the Navamsa sign, indicates that the person is evil minded or a hard task-master and he has to serve another.

If the tenth house from Moon is occupied by

Sun: The person is successful in his enterprises.

Mars: He will be wicked and rash.

Mercury: He will be learned.

Jupiter: He will be royal.

Venus: He will be voluptuous.

Saturn: He will be pessimistic.

Sun in conjunction with Mars:

He will be addicted to wine and women.

Sun in conjunction with Mercury:

Astrology, valuable articles obtained from liquids, ladies, and jewels.

Sun in conjunction with Jupiter:

Respected by Government.

Sun in conjunction with Venus:

Favour from Government, wife with good wealth.

Sun in conjunction with Saturn:

He will be depressed and dejected.

Mars in conjunction with Mercury:

He will be a scientist.

Mars in conjunction with Jupiter:

He will dominate over others.

Mars in conjunction with Venus:

Foreign trade.

Mars in conjunction with Saturn:

Bold action. Fearless job.

Mercury in conjunction with Jupiter:

He will be famous and favoured by Government.

Mercury in conjunction with Venus:

He will be learned and will earn wealth.

Mercury in conjunction with Saturn:

He will be a copyist, dirty job.

Jupiter in conjunction with Venus:

He will be helpful to good – natured people, respected by Government and learned.

Jupiter in conjunction with Saturn:

Mischief monger, promoter of quarrels.

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