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Stars and Spiritual Greatness Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 3

2. Sri Ramakrishna Paramhamsa – The Multisplendoured Yogi: Ramakrishna was blessed with many great occult and psychic powers, although illiterate or half-literate in material sense. He is a synonym of spiritualism. To remove the pride of being a Brahmin (blemish it was, according to him, in becoming a true Yogi), he underwent severe penance. That was his greatness, spirituality, symbolizing wholesome Trikarana Suddhi.

His birth chart is: Taurus – Ketu 2degree50’; Gemini – Jupiter 14degree30’; Libra – Saturn 13degree40’; Scorpio – Rahu 2degree50’; Capricorn – Mars 1degree39’; Aquarius – Lagna 3degree23’; Sun 6degree49’, Mercury 15degree3’ and Moon 21degree45’; and Pisces – Venus 7degree59’.

Vimsamsa chart: Aries – Sun; Taurus – Jupiter and Mars, Capricorn – Venus, Rahu, Ketu and Saturn; and Aquarius – Moon, Mercury and Lagna.

In his nativity, we find the following extraordinary combinations for unique spiritualism.

a) The placement of the 8th lord in the ascendant, as per Maharishi Parasara’s instruction, makes one heterodox. But that was not the case with the Parama Hamsa, as the sun and the Moon denoting the soul and mind respectively unify in the mystical Aquarius. The 8th lord is sandwiched between the luminaries making the native’s a spiritual luminary instead of a nonbeliever in God. Thus, Mercury is subjected to the combined influences of the Sun and the Moon.

b) The 9th house is occupied by exalted Saturn aspected by a trinally placed Jupiter. Note that Jupiter is the 2nd lord while the 2nd house is occupied by the 9th lord Venus is exaltation. Simultaneously Jupiter aspects the Moon and the ascendant. These influences give a person Trikarana Suddhi bringing the spheres of mind (Moon) speech (Jupiter) and Karma (Saturn) to a united state.

c) Scorpio is aspected by Ketu while Mars aspects Cancer. Thus, two occult signs get intensified.

d) Atma Karaka as per Gemini school of thought is Rahu in this case. Gemini, 12th from Karakamsa Cancer is powerfully occupied by Jupiter. This gives one a tendency to seek Liberation.

e) In Vimsamsa chart, the 9th lord is in the 12th along with the 12th lord. The Moon is conjunct the 8th lord.

f) Mars exalted in 12th in Rasi chart should have granted Moksha to the native.

Catholicity of outlook and tolerance born of understanding the real spiritual purpose of human existence has always found truest expression in the exquisite lyrics of Indian saints. Said Narsi Mehta of Gujarat:

(Ye all one children of God; let there be no discrimination)

Or the Ninth Sikh Guru, Guru Teg Bahadur said,

(In Every heart the lord reposes,
Saints have said all along
Worship him, which alone,
Helps cross the world-ocean).

This eternal message of Indian saints will be the solace of humanity, the beacon light to guide it from out of its villainies in the coming decades, astrologically.

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