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Insanity – An Astrological Study Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

Let us study the following horoscope. The particulars of birth are:-

Date of birth : 9th July, 1907 at 11-00 p.m. at Ranjore.

Balance of Rahu Dasa at birth: 8 years, 2 months and 8 days.

Ayanamsa: 22degree 33’ (Lahiri’s)

The congregation of the six planets in the mental sign Gemini (sign showing mental duplicity) is a salient feature. Affliction of the majority of the planet’s occurs in double-bodied sign (duplicity), Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius. Mercury rules the intellect, whereas the Moon represents the `unconditioned mind’. Here the Moon and Mercury are in Aridra and Pushya constellations respectively ruled by Rahu (Mativibhrama) and retrograde Saturn (mental depression and inhibition). The 1st house rules disposition and temperament. Here both Lagna and Navamsa Lagna are occupied by retrograde Saturn. In Navamsa chart, the Moon in Saturn’s sign is opposed by Saturn. Saturn in watery sign causes emotional inadequacy or inhibition. In Western astrology, the 3rd, the 8th and the 12th houses are called mental houses. The 3rd house represents subconscious mind, the 8th, the psychic mind and the 112th mental inhibition. Venus is the ruler of the 3rd and the 8th houses, and he is in conjunction with Pluto (Yama), the annihilator, and squared by retrograde Saturn, the ruler of the 12th house. Although the lord of the Ascendant in this case is Vargottama, he is detrimentally aspected by retrograde Mars. The 12th house indicates voluntary seclusions, self-imposed restrictions, etc.

The individual was a teacher in an elementary school. After six months of marital life, one day in the class room, he burst into mad ravings and returned home. He inflicted injuries on his wife, quarreled with his in-laws and was expelled from the house. He was not shut up in an asylum but wandered all over India like a mendicant with self-imposed ascetics and visited places of religious importance. He was mistaken for a Sanyasi and a Sadhu, although his talks amounted to nothing but incoherent mumblings. After 14 years of aimless wanderings, he returned to his native place. But he did not reclaim the status of the husband. Neither did he stick to one place of residence. He grew beard and garbed himself in gheru clothes. He died in Mercury’s Dasa and Saturn’s Bhukti. (Mercury being the ruler of angles posited in Saturn’s constellation and strongly aspected by retrograde Mars, the maraca).

While further discussing the chart in question, it may be noticed that in the Sayana chart, both the Sun and the Moon are posited in Cancer, a sensitive sign bestowing increased susceptibility to the surrounding influences. The Moon is in conjunction with Neptune. Both the Sun and the Moon (representing character and personality) are opposed by the retrograde planets Mars and Uranus. Mars, the war-god, causes irritability and bellicose mood and uncontrolled aggressiveness. Uranus, the occult planet, causes delusions and eccentricity. Margaret E. Hone, the author of The Modern Text Book of Astrology, says that “overstress” or misuse of Neptune causes subversive nebulousness and impressionability. She uses the words “Castles in the air, head in clouds, dreamy and woolly illusions, deceptive cheats, frauds”. According to her, the Moon represents `Response’ and `Fluctuation’. Overstress or misuse of the Moon by evil aspects results in faulty reasoning, idiocy and insanity. About the Sun-Mon Polarity in Cancer, Alen Leo writes an Astrology for All: “Fancy and imagination will be manifest in this combination and there is a great liability to go to extremes.”

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