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Stars and Spiritual Greatness Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

1. Jagadguru Adi Sankaracharya – The Universal Sage: At the time of his incarnation, the planets in the zodiac were disposed thus: Aries – Sun 7degree 4’; Venus 1degree 22’ and Mercury 22degree52’, Taurus – Rahu 10degree10’; Sagittarius-Saturn 24degree22’; Aquarius – Jupiter 2degree28’ and Pisces – Mars 1degree27’.

Vimsamsa Chart: Aries: Venus; Gemini-Rahu and Ketu; Cancer-Mercury; Leo-Mars and the Sun; Virgo-ascendant; Sagittarius-Saturn; and Capricorn – Moon and Jupiter.

Being the foremost of the world’s ace philosophers, Sankaracharya the great, preached Advaita – the philosophy that Brahman and the soul are one identity and not two. He re-established Hinduism on ore from grounds and basis; by his enlightening commentaries on Upanishads etc. The horoscopic combinations for his unique achievements in the field of spiritualism are:

a) Cancer, the foundation of occultism is the ascendant, with Jupiter, the planet of divine wisdom placed in the 8th house in Aquarius.

b) Saturn, the 8th lord, aspects the 8th as well as Jupiter, apart from aspecting the Moon.

c) Although the planets ruling the 8th house and the ascendant, viz. Saturn and the Moon, are in dual signs, he taught Advaita, i.e. nonduality or oneness. See the activating force Jupiter in a fixed sign lending a special aspect to the Moon in the 12th house.

d) Ketu; the Moksha karaka, is in Scorpio (an occult sign) while the 9th house is occupied by Mars. Help from Mars as the ruler of Scorpio is essential to know occult aspects.

e) The 9th lord going to the 8th, or the 8th lord going to 9th, reinforces the other spiritual combinations in a horoscope. This can be found in many spiritual horoscopes as could be in the present case.

f) Saturn is the Atmakaraka. From the 12th thereof, Ketu’s forces strongly emerge for Relief.

g) The Sun is exalted in the 10th house. He is the lord of the 2nd house ruling speech. His being powerful in a trine from Saturn makes one philosophical and anti-material in outlook.

h) In Vimsamsa chart, the Sun is in the 12th house as its lord. Leo must be strongly placed in Vimsamsa chart apart from the 8th and 12th houses. Here also the 9th lord is in the 8th house.

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