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Stars and Spiritual Greatness Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

The science of astrology throws light on the auspicious and inauspicious.

Deeds of one’s past Karma just as the lamp does on the articles (around it).

Why India survives in spite of the vicissitudes of the history of one thousand years of slavery is because she has kept vibrant and alive the undying tradition of spirituality. While on the surface, history recorded the tremors of invasions and devastation, she remained undisturbed as flowed beneath the surface, her current of ancient traditions; a tradition that till today does not divide humanity into narrow confines and groups of different religions but classifies men as Tamasic, Rajasic and Satwic; a tradition that insistently points to man the real purpose and meaning of human existence as the art of transcending these limitations of the gunas (Sattwa, Rajasa and Tamasa) and reaching the guantita state, the transcendental stage.

Such tradition has been undying in India and will be undying which is why the Vishnu Purana refers to Bharara Varsha as the real Karma Bhoomi, the land where men should strive for spiritual perfection unlike other lands which are referred as Bhoga Bhoomi, lands of material and sensual enjoyments.
In these days of spiritual revival amidst all the turmoil of our work-a-day existence, there would exist ample justification to discuss the fragment of this great spiritual heritage in an editorial of an astrological journal.

Among other eminences, our land excels in spiritual eminence as well. She produced, and has been producing, many great personages for purification of sinful atmosphere. These souls selflessly devoted their lives and burnt the fuels of their innate energies with missionary zeal for the upliftment of the mankind. That is why their names are indelibly engraved in the pages of spiritual history of the world, like Dhruva Tara (or Pole Star) perennially radiating with spiritual brilliance adjacent to Lord Vishnu’s very Abode.

The highest and the only ideal of spiritual path is Self Realization or realizing the Lord in the form one’s religion adores and preaches. The mind is the primary tool in this process. That is not all. Speech and Deed, apart from being in mutual identicalness should have an alignment not varying from the Mind. Mind is not only an organ of thinking; it is the organ – rather a planetary organ – shaping one’s destiny in general and spiritual destiny in particular. Trikarana Suddhi or purity of the three, viz. mind, speech and deed is of prime importance in achieving such a unique and signal greatness, as have been in the cases of our spiritual Gurus.

Undertaking a star-study of spiritualism, we find that the mind is represented by the Moon and the 5th lord, the speech by Jupiter and the 2nd lord, and the deed of Karma by the 10th lord and Saturn. Major houses related are the 8th, 9th and the 12th. The 8th house represents occult aspects, viz. that side of the Universe that is not easily visible to an ordinary eye. The 9th house is connected with one’s Poorva Punya or merits of the past birth. The extent of success one spiritually attains is to be estimated from the 12th house. If one complete his spiritual mission without any efficiency and void, he goes to the abode of the Lord in which respect the 12gh house plays a greater role as a blockade to rebirth. That is final emancipation of Moksha. And that is the pass to the heavens.

Rasi chart or birth chart has in it locked many facets of life – of the past life, of the present life and of the future life. To consider one’s scope of spiritual attainments, the unlocking key is the Vimsamsa chart. (For calculation of Vimsamsas, see Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra). Which kind of horoscope has a bent of spiritual success can be understood from the practical horoscopes of spiritual giants which are being discussed in the following paragraphs.

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